AF Fantasy Football League

Anyone Interested in joining a fantasy football league for AFers? Not sure if there are too many football fans on this forum… But could be interesting, and add a bit of competitiveness to the forums… Happy to get it organized if there is interest…

I would def be interested.

I’m in

What is fantasy football?

I’m down.

I’ve only in one other league so I’m down for another. You could do a 12 person league on ESPN

Count me in. Yahoo FF is block at my office. I know CBS works, not sure about others.

I’m down. All versions work at my office to my knowledge.

I am in too. ESPN works at work but would prefer something like CBS as this can make IT support folks happy as I won’t be going to ESPN like every other hour

yes please

We playing for pride or dollars? I’m good either way, and it’s really more of a donation for me, but I’d throw $10 or whatever to somebodies paypal they could ration out to the winner.

I’m down for no or .

I am in. I can do any website.

i’m in if there are any more slots. i think that makes 12.

I’m pretty sure Numi would’ve wanted to get in on this as well. It’s ok, we can make teams as I suck at FF.

What would the investment objectives and risk tolerances be of the communal funds until paydate? I’m kind of a rook, played a couple seasons (used Yahoo - seemed pretty good but I don’t have a preference). How many can be in a ‘league’? I’d nominate Numi for commish duties. Winner should also get a 40 oz ice with their proceeds.

PatsFan2001 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Happy to get it organized if there is interest… have you used CBS before? what point rules do you usually use?

I’m in and am a self proclaimed fantasy expert so I’d be willing to be the commissioner. I would suggest doing an auction league, having 12 or even 14 teams, and having a flex spot to make the league relatively deep. I prefer Yahoo over ESPN (never used any others) but I’d be willing to do either. Also, if we wanted to throw some money in to make it interesting, we can use this site:

count me in too if there’s any spot left

Sounds like enough interest for more then 1 league.