AF fantasy football team

So 12 of us AFers had our draft on tuesday night and as expected I have the strongest roster heading into week 1

QB: Josh Freeman

RB: DMac, Shonne Green, BJGE, Michael Bush, Kevin Smith, Mikel Leshoure,

WR: Mike Wallace, Marshall, Colston, some chap named Lafell, Denarious Moore, Malcom Floyd

TE: Jimmy Graham

K: some guy

DEF: Patriots

12 team league and it was an auction draft.

A few steals: Mike Wallace $19, Marshall $27, Colston $21

most expensive buys: DMac $47 and Graham $37

not impressed, esp at QB and RB.

LOL yeah good luck with Shonn Greene and the rest of those clowns as your #2 RBs.

My offer for Wilson + a RB for Jimmy Graham still stands…

QB: Brees, Dalton

RB: Ball, Lynch, Turner

WR: Calvin, Torrey Smith, Blackmon, Brandon Lloyd, Santana Moss(Don’t ask)

TE: Gresham, Jared Cook

DEF: Chicago

K: Mason Crosby (GB)

I like my chances as long as my starting RBs show up.

My team:

QB - Michael Vick (Ryan Fitzpatrick, Christian Ponder)

RB - Arian Foster, Jamaal Charles (Ben Tate, Robert Turbin, Rashard Mendenhall)

WR - Wes Walker, Dez Bryant (Doug Baldwin)

TE - Kyle Rudolph (Brent Celek, Dustin Keller)

K - Alex Henery

DEF - Detroit

Yea but its only 4pts for every passing TD so not really losing out on much. All I need is a solid RB2 which can definitely emerge from the group I have. I am stacked at WR and have the best TE.

out of the 3 teams posted mine is the strongest. Only thing I am missing is a RB2.

QB is overrated since its only 4pts/TD

You are going to have a tough time figuring out the flex spot

You need more RBs on your bench.

Assuming that the league deducts points for INTs, you may wish that TDs got 6pts since Freeman has a history of throwing more picks than touchdowns. Freeman isn’t even a top 12 QB, which makes me wonder how you ended up with him (since there’s only 12 teams).

I’m rooting for numi. Charles is a steal. He’s going to tear it up this year.

How do you end up with Freeman in a 12 team league? Did you pick your QB with your last pick? You might only have 4 pts for a TD, but the NFL has now become a throwing league. 10 years ago, 30% of all offensive plays were passes and 70% were rushes. Now it’s the opposite. Most QBs gets at least 300 yds passing now. Heck, we had 3 5000+yds passers last year. You are severely underrating the value of QBs in this era.

Also, rumor has it that Tim Tebow will get snaps as a RB.

Well it was an auction draft and since the projected total for QBs ranked 6-25 was so close that if you didn’t target the top guys it wasn’t worth spending too much on QB. So I held off and before I knew it, people had already drafted back up QBs. Freeman was the best of the remaining lot and since he scrambles I will get rushing yards from him.

For week 1: Freeman is projected to score 15pts while my opponent is starting Romo who is proj at 17.5.

Also I completely underestimated AFers. Players were being bid up way past the average auction value (which I figured is what we would use as the benchmark). Example: Foster went for $68 and I had to spend $47 on DMac while their average values were $50 and $35.

Can we change TD to 6 from 4? We anyways have 9 players as starters instead of 10 so it would be very low scoring games.

Zero - Freeman would be better than last year because of Jackson (traded from chargers) and new TE but he would still suck.

My team

QB - Tom Brady

RB - Gore, Demarco Murray, Pierre Thomas, Blount, Felix Jones

WR - Greg Jennings, Antonio Brown, Holmes, Manningham, Crabtree

TE - Anthony Gates

K - Gostokowski

Def- Giants

QB: RGIII (Jay Cutler)

RB: Ahmad Bradshaw, Isaac Redman (Jahvid Best)

WR: Miles Austin, Roddy White (Dwayne Bowe, Kenny Britt, Demaryius Thomas)

TE: Jermichael Finley (Fred Davis)

K: Robbie Gould

DEF: Pittsburgh

Not a terrible autodraft, but I’m going to need to work the waiver wire hard in the first couple weeks to turn my second string K/DEF into solid backups at RB.

FU roberto. Your autodraft stole couple of my picks. And yea, funny how your team is actually pretty good on paper except for lack of RB depth

I’m expecting Fred Davis to have a really good year. He might be your starter.

Week 1 update:

For all the doubters, I would like to announce that my 1st week match up against the winner of the ‘best draft’ award; Mr Torontopuckers resulted in a blowout of 130+ to 96 win (with one player remaining for me (DMAC))

Even though our core players were evenly matched, he stood no chance against my K who scored 17pts and my D/ST added another 16pts.

I think I underestimated the importance of QB since Freeman did let me down despite having zero turnovers. But no need to worry. That concern has already been addressed with a spectacular pre week 1 trade with a team in need for an RB. I will be sending the services of the great ‘Law firm’ and rising WR Brandon Lafell in exchange for Miles Austin and diabetes kid Cutler.

I hope you don’t own CJ2K or Peyton Hillis.