AF Pass Rate 100%?

Last week I was at a L2 review session sponsored by Schweser at the local CFA Society, and I could tell by the questions and comments made by the 30 some people in attendance that nobody was even CLOSE to the level of readiness that most of us have on this forum. Sometimes I feel more confident than others (ie after finishing CFAI Sample 2). But when you really think about it, you have to know that we are probably the top 15%. Seriously… somewhere between 30 and 50% of all candidates will pass this test on June 7th. Considering the number of people who seem to have just started studying last week, and the months of HARD work that we have all put in, I would be shocked if all of the regular participants here are not posting on the LIII forum come September. We just need to stay focused and ride this beast out.

I hope you are right McLeod. I know that you will be at level III. You are ready for this thing. Here is to all AFers passing. Lurkers…you are on your own. :wink:

i’m pretty sure you are correct, McLeod. We are freaking ourselves out here at AF. However, it’s better to be a little overprepared than a little underprepared.

It will be a big confidence booster if the guy next to me at the test does the same thing. Him: “So you study for this?” me: “I put in some time” him: “I started studying three days ago.” me: “umm . . . best of luck?” He didn’t return for the afternoon session.

Then you failed Nib. You had to keep him there for both sessions!

mwvt9 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Then you failed Nib. You had to keep him there > for both sessions! LMAO…yes, what mwvt9 says. It is our duty as AFers to keep the under-prepared from fleeing this test!

Chaining him to his chair couldn’t hold this guy back from leaving.

but for those who are unprepared, not sure if they are gona show up for the exam or finishing the exam… if not, thats not gona count

ahhhhh man. im worried because studying for level 2 has not been nearly as painfull as it should be, until now. whatever i got the next two weeks off, im going to study 12 hours a day. today i only studied for 2.5 hrs and i feel really guilty about it because im pretty weak in a few area’s and to quote dick cheney im pretty sure there are still some unknown unknowns that are waiting to pop out at me when i start doing practice exams next weekend. im so worried, people think im upset because i give off a 1000 yard stare every time i think about the exam, which is very often.

Does anybody else fear the Super-Lurkers?

can we make this 99%. Beucase I know someone really very close who I know is 100% failing.

dinesh.sundrani Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > can we make this 99%. Beucase I know someone > really very close who I know is 100% failing. I don’t like this attitude dinesh. You are the positive leader on these boards. You are far better prepared that some of the people that are going to sit for this exam. So we need some luck. They need more.

he was referring to me. damn dinesh. that’s harsh.

mwvt9 - Thanks for motivating me to still eye for the trophy, but I am really helpless now, with so much time gone down the drain in these last couple of weeks, All I know is that everything has come down to the last week of the finale… I have a internet connection setup tomm, after which I will take the 1st exam from Schweser-book6, the 1-AM one. So whatever be the case, I will post my score up here.


cfasf1 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > he was referring to me. damn dinesh. that’s harsh. cfasf1 you are one of the very aggressive winners otta here. You have all the tests/mocks/samples/sfas’s under your belt. You are going to nail this thing real bad. I should say you being the top 1 percentile here and you surely have put in the needed hardwork. You need to take a breather at Pier-39 after the exam.

I just went 0-6 on the Exam 2PM portfolio management section and 2/6 on econ. Funny because I just spent a total of 8 hours reviewing both in detail. I ended up with a 63 which isnt the end of the world. Needless to say I have some serious work left to do. I nail down all the concepts then I go and actually attempt problems and find myself clueless.

now THAT is funny. i can take as many tests as i want but my average is right around 68-69 on all the tests. that’s borderline but i’m optimistic (at least for this hour). you’re in good shape, bud. go out, do what you do on this forum.(which is DOMINATE) you’re going to be fine. i think you need to watch rocky or rudy tonight. YOU CAN DO IT. this is weird, me giving you encouragement. it should be the other way around.

dinesh, you will pass. nothing yet to worry about!

Thanks guys, I will do my level best. I hate cribbing, If I FAIL then I will take it as an attempt that didn’t swing in my favour and at best I will be super prepared for 09. But am not giving-up yet, whatever time I get it will be 100% tunneled to studying for L2 and L2 only. btw, I have asked for a 1 week vacation from office. If that’s approved then, I have a fair chance on 7th.