AF Rewards

Did you guys check out the AF rewards? Who’s already claimed their rewards? I have a while to go but I am a step closer with this post!

rewards are awesome. but dont spam posts like s2000 congratulating every single person, even some dude who didn’t even post that he passed.

Hey!!! I ordered a water bottle about two weeks before my test and I never got it. What’s up with that, Chad?

I claimed some a while ago but haven’t received yet.

It’s a scam!!

Oh well i’m sure people are not coming to this forum and post comments just for a water bottle…

i mean, we are all CFA candidates right?


I got my shirt. I ordered my koozies a while ago but still haven’t received.

why this smiley in almost every comment?

Why not? :slight_smile:

I find your lack of faith, distuuuurbing: /=/=\

I disapprove: ಠ_ಠ

This is smiley? I thought " :slight_smile: " is smiley surprise

It’s an Asian smiley. Just like Asian options, and Asian candies/snacks, they’re a bit different.

It’s a smiley? I thought it was a “I am not amused” face!

How many points do we need to claim anything?

(ಠ _>ಠ)


I haven’t claimed any of mine. I’m thinking I should just so I can complain too.

Thanks! Can get my cards now!


Sorry for the delay guys. I sent a bunch of goodies this afternoon. Email confirmations were sent via UPS.

I hope I get my swag this time. I’m excited!