I’m always quite shocked by how many people blatantly have affairs with people in the workplace. It doesn’t seem like they really try to hide it either. Is this just something that happens that no-one talks about? Is monogamy even possible?

I’d say it comes down to one (ok, maybe two) things:

  • familiarity principle of attraction

  • new is always better

Monogamy is not natural for human beings.


So do we all just pretend to practice monogamy to keep things level?

what happens if you then fall in love with the bit on the side? asking for a friend

Well, first you try to propose a three-way, because there is always no harm in asking.

slaves to pleasure impulses. sad.

^ let me guess, you haven’t ejaculated since 2011?

Hasn’t been my experience at work at all. But maybe people just hide it better or I am too oblivious to see… My default assumption that people don’t cheat as much as but it’s probably a personal defense mechanism.

I also don’t get the excitement of “new person” - I never liked the beginning of the relationships when you still don’t know each other. 2-3 months in is the best

i’ve hooked up with 2 co workers. 1 while i still worked there, 1 after i left. just a hit it and quit it type of deal. 1 was in a relationship (a disaster), 1 wasnt. i think it happens as a matter of convenience due to the amount of time you spend with them. you have familiarity, so there is a level of trust. mix that with alcohol and fuck like bunnies. it is a terrible idea though to hook up with co workers. it leads to a lot of crying and awkwardness if you work with them

uh no i bang my hot wife as much as possible.

fair enough, you just have that crazy vibe of a man who hasn’t busted a nut in a while.

Really? not even in that crazy lustful stage a few weeks in?

In my 20+ years of working in a professional setting, I’m only aware of one office “romance” and both were unattached prior to becoming involved. The breakup was ugly though and one of them did leave the company because of it. I don’t really pay much attention to what’s going on though, so maybe my co-workers have been banging each other for years and I just don’t know it.

No. I am usually stressed the first few weeks. But remember I am in NYC - they ghost us like there is no tomorrow

same, I must be oblivious to it… one guy early on in my work history said when you’re at work, you should constantly ask yourself “how is what I’m doing at this exact moment making me money? Focus on that and ignore everything else”

i bet you if a guy didn’t ghost you, you wouldn’t know what to do and you would either ghost him back or start talking about kids


Haha no I wouldn’t and didn’t :slight_smile: Was that your experience?

I’m a bit detached from the millennial thing so how does this ghosting actually work? Before it do they talk a good game and make it feel like it’s going places and they’re really into you and then just stop responding? That would drive me fu cking crazy

I’ve seen a few office romances and only one involving a married woman. It’s a huge distraction and HR generally finds a way to fire those people. If you’re in sales, that means they comb through your expense reports until they find one little thing wrong and then you can be fired with cause. Much easier than trying to fire someone for banging a lot of coworkers.