Just westerners, they fk like monkeys and behave like them the morning after too :wink:

Some multiple topics being looped into one thread.

a. affairs and attraction of new. Can’t speak to the former but the latter is certainly the plague on most men. Whether it be the challenge (chase), the excitement of a new adventure, or any other variable i’d say most are disproportionately attracted to women they havent slept with. that will probably never change and the linkage to affairs boils down to will power

b. office romance. I’ve dated someone from the office (we both were single) and attribute it to two reasons. One, we were always around one another and found happiness in a rather bleak office speak, and two, it was heightened bc it was considered taboo. Fortunately, i left the company before the relationship ended bc it would have been a very difficult spot. That said, and I am not an advocate of affairs, but i think if you are to have one the office is probably the worst place to select your partner.

Pretty much…

little turd cant “wake up”

why did you cry?

Girls hate to get ghosted but they hate clingers more. Ghosting is like fasting from anything. Lack of it makes you want it more.

Last person to text loses.

I often drive women to climax by telling them a bawdy tale, our pastor says it’s ok based on the good book :innocent:

I feel like the need for will power is a misconception or maybe a misnomer. i can appreciate another woman’s beauty besides my wife. but the decision whether or not to act on it is more a reflection of your own feelings of self worth. if you allow your self worth to be defined (in whatever part) by who you are with, then you are susceptible to jumping around from a loving relationship with the (perhaps subconscious) idea of “THIS NEW person will make me feel better about myself and then I won’t have to jump around anymore”.

The correct way to approach it is: get right with yourself, derive your worth from within, and then you’ll be happy with whoever you find yourself in a loving relationship with. Then there’s no need to look for anything better.

The mind has a funny way of tricking itself into thinking it’s external factors that drive actions. That’s a defense mechanism for allowing yourself to act in a way that is not in alignment with your highest self.

Western millennial are just fking nuts, no 2 ways about it.

This girl I work with slept with a guy and then lost interest cause he texted her the next day. " I dont want someone who is so needy", she then sleeps with another guy about 3 weeks later cause “he had a boat” and then got angry because he didn’t call her.

It’s like lady, you might be physically attractive but you have the likeaability of cruella and you gonna die alone and lonely

It goes both ways, the guys are weird too

That’s fu cking depressing

^hahahaha you’re just scratching the surface…

from an attractive girls perspective, working admin in finance is the golden ticket to easy street for the rest of your life. I almost commend them for their efforts. I mean, yeah, they will be miserable and a shell of the human they used to be, but at least they won’t have to work and can have mimosas at brunch every day.

the best of both worlds is the preemptive post-bang ghost. Just tell the chick you’re looking for fun ahead of time and that’s it. If she wants to continue (women like sex too) then you’re golden and you can cover your ass after. ghosting creates unnecessary roadblocks down the road

something tells me these greedy women are making Jesus roll over in his grave :-1:

I certainly agree with these points but if the female trainer who is a perfect 10 at the gym (think Kate Beckinsale in her prime) wanted to have a one off… Got Dayum it would be hard to say no. That would be like dying of thirst and turning down a drink.

We are speaking of two distinct things here. You are referring to a long term affair whereas i am describing more of a one night stand. I’d agree with you if it was an actual relationship but a one night stand is def more a means of will power.

you beat me to it

Yes, there is a clear distinction between these two things.

  • People who have a long term affair usually don’t have the balls to end an existing relationship they are unhappy in.
  • One night stand affair could just be an offer you couldn’t refuse from some top shelf strange. You don’t even need to be unhappy in a relationship. You probably even know the chick/dude isn’t compatible with you emotionally, you just want to get your rocks off.

That’s kind of my point. The scenario goes you’ve been with someone for many many years, the sex is still ok but only occasional and out of nowhere you get the chance with the perfect 10 with a very slim chance of anyone else ever finding out. Can you refuse? Or do I just have a very low expectation of myself.

But one can lead to another. You take the chance with the perfect 10, the sex is mind blowing and she’s good company. You’re going to go back, you just are.

^ok, fairy tales don’t count