Hey guys just wanted to know whats the age of my fellow L3’sers I am 25



going to be 27 in a month

23 for a good while longer.

why are u writing the cfa at such a young age?

Why not? I would like to be successful in finance. I want to learn as much as I can however I can. Did Dec 06 and June 07 for 1 and 2… working on three now and then I can put the tests behind me until I hit the experience req.

Apparently I’m the old guy in the group. Age 33

not so fast…I am 39 (actually today is my birthday)


30…happy birthday danny. watch out for next year.

tell me about it…hopefully I will be celebrating passing Level 3 still and I plan on being in Vegas regardless I make up for my physical age with lots of immaturity

just turned 26

Happy BDay Danny! I am 26

youngsters!! thank you by the way


You are most welcome :wink: I guess no studying today…have fun…don’t drink too much (Friday + Bday = Hangover)

I plan on reading a little bit this afternoon…gotta keep at it!!

I guess I’m the old man…84

25 - bday today…should be a good night - tomorrow will be a wasted day for sure