Aggressive Homeless People

so pepper = CW

Left wing CW. Trying to herd you cats to WAKE UP!

Not really, I just thought it was interesting he was the only person that approached the issue from a place of caring for a fellow person or solidarity. Neryblop was on the right track until he mentioned calling the cops (???) on them. It’s freaking hard out there man. You can work your ass off and still not be able to afford a place to live in some of these cities. Mental illness is basically just a right-wing political point when a white guy shoots up a public place every few weeks but it’s not something anyone actually addresses in practice. Drug addiction? Why of course that’s a moral failing, not a public health crisis. There’s very limited resources for people as is and they’re being stripped down even further by reactionary governments. Then you throw runaway rents and the aforementioned health problems on top of it and suddenly maybe the worst thing in the world isn’t being hassled every now and then by a guy who is just struggling to survive. Grow up.

Come to the light Pepper. Everything you just listed has been designed. We are the host to the parasitic elite. There is no left vs right in this existence. There is only parasite and host.

Turd’s schizophrenia has finally manifested a full alternate personality. The next evolution will be dancing in front of a mirror with Goodbye Horses soundtrack.

cue edward norton fighting himself in parking lot. tank!

“Would you cuck me? I’d cuck me.”

Hey this is totally separate but it just occurred to me that the topic title would actually make a great name for a band.

So I read this as “Batman” and the still frame is Bale in a dark alley, which is very Batman-y and I really started to question how f_u_cked up I must always be when I watch the Batman movies that I don’t remember him stabbing a homeless guy.

I try my best to ignore them and not even make eye contact. I also don’t give money anymore. I now offer to buy them something to eat. If they’re truly hungry then they’ll accept the food. Only one person has ever taken me up on that offer.

I said that once and said that I only have a card that isn’t mine (it was my mom’s). The sob had the nerve to tell me to withdraw money out of her bank for him…

i get they are struggling, but their presence lowers the property values. i also dont feel safe around them. the loitering and begging is annoying as well. i am sure tehre are areas they can congregate and be left alone, like in urban centers, but they have no business in suburbia.

Given that rich suburbs like Palo Alto have banned bench laying as an anti homeless policy, it’s pretty clear that many of them share Nery’s view, despite outwardly liberal inclinations.

Just direct them towards the nearest Starbucks.

This past May some dude (on camera) broke into my shed in the backyard and stole my snow shovel. Now that’s forethought! I have to give him credit for that, at least.

i think society should take care of them as a whole. this isnt an individual’s responsibility. this is a cost that should be absorbed by everyone, not randomly occurring because a bum wanders off to my side of town.

True. It’s easy to hold liberal worldviews in societal matters until you have to bear the brunt.

A little off topic: In my city, in one of the most liberal and wealthiest neighborhoods the locals complained so much about a middle eastern kebab joint that they were forced to shut it down. Diversity and liberalism sound great as long as it happens on someone else’s backyard.

I’m with Nery, it is time for a final solution.

I think nery’s in for a rough ride.

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