Aimee from there?

Got a question!

What’s up? (Yeah, sadly, I still check this board all of the time!)

lol I knew you would lol… 28 minutes! gj! lol I’m applying for an equity research position at RJ in St. Pete and it asks how you learned about the job and to enter an employee referral if applicable. Can I put your name alongside my friend Jason’s name who works in Atlanta? I figure it may help my chances.

Are you really? That’s great! You can put my name down if you like but I promise I don’t have any pull with the equity folks here. Still, I hope it might help. Give me an e-mail address and I’ll send you my info.

No pull is fine. I just know it is better to have a name there than no name. Odds are they will say I don’t have enough experience for the entry level job (since no one will hire me to give me experience lol). But hey, it’s worth a shot!

I prolly shouldn’t of posted that on here but oh well…as if I don’t get enough spam :slight_smile:

Hey are you guys going to the university club tonight for the event hosted by CFA Tampa?

gdiddy…I currently live in Tampa. Although, I went to the christmas event in Orlando last year and it was a lot of fun. I would definitely recommend attending.

Ok, cool. I was just curious as I’ll be at the event tonight. In fact, I’m also going to be part of the 5:00 study group. I live about 45 min. north of Tampa, by the way.

I went to one of the CFA meetings they had in the BOA building downtown? Great view of Tampa from up there. That was prior to the migration into NYC 3 months back. How is the weather down there nowadays?

Better than NYC I’m sure :slight_smile: It’s pretty hot down here.

Aimee did you get the chance to email your information?

I wish I could make the meeting tonight but I had prior plans. I will definitely make it a point to go next month, though! Let us know how it went. Sorry askajan, I had a series of meetings right after you posted. I’m sending it now.

Not a problem at all. Thanks for the info.


OK…I applied! Wish me luck. It said if I’m chosen for an interview…they’ll call. “Don’t call us…we’ll call you.” It’s almost like getting rejected right from the start lol.

Yeah. I actually applied to RJ three times before finally getting a call. Good luck!

Aimee do you ever find out your score on the wonderlic test when you get hired? I have been on two interviews there and didnt get an offer either time. I am thinking about applying for the Mutual fund research associate position but the traffic over howard franklin sucks

No, they never tell you what your score was. Where did you interview?