Always lit, yeah I'm never sober! The FIRE Thread

So i’ve been running the numbers based off of several budgets with varying taxes and expenses. Anyways I’ve calculated the FIRE numbers for each one using a 3% withdrawal rate. So the key is, no flexibility, we are never going below the first year contribution, we also adjust with inflation. anyways here are the numbers.

Fat Fire = 2.3m with a 70k budget. (HCOL, family)

Fire = 1.4m with a 42k budget. (LCOL, family)

Lean Fire = 1.1m with a 32k budget. (No family) or (Non US Fire, family)

Non- US Fire = 0.7m with a 21k budget. (No family)

i know the budget seems a little low. but when you retire taxes go down a lot depending on how you spend/withdraw. and taxes are almost always 30%-40% of your current budget.


non-us fire sounds good, please provide list of top 3 third world countries i can move to, tanks

philippines. (but thats my bias). speaks english. considered the hottest of asians. congested traffic. very hot weather. very cheap. cheaper than colombia!

colombia. best cool/comfortable bogota/medellin weather. hottest spanish speaking chicks. you can argue argentina (but they are more expensive). in the cheaper side. so this is a value pick for latin america.

mexico. (another bias, fiance a mexican). closest to the us. similar weather i think to socal. chicks are pretty hot. largest spanish speakin country in economic terms in latin america.

Debatable. The ones you see in pageants look “white” and that is definitely not representative of the population.

I would say South Korea.

Those projections seem like they are surveyed from what the average person hopes they can one day achieve, and not what they will actually need or want…

Nery, you better decide - you like Filipinas or Koreans? You are flip flopping more than Crooked Hillary.

its a simple math equation. 25x or 33x of expected annual expense. im pretty sure the people who study fire are aware of what they need. some are a bit dumber on the tax expectations which are typically much lower at retirement and significant when they are working.

for me i like koreans more because ive dated more of them. but i think its more of a function of who i meet than preference. i just dont meet much filipinos. but i know most people in general prefer filipinas.

Ay mijo!!!


Nery, a lot of these FIRE guys are people who are in their 20s or 30s and often don’t have perspective on what their spending needs will look like for the next 5 decades. I keep seeing people saying well, I spend $20k a year now, and so I can project that forever. For some people, that’s true. However, for many people, it is quite naive. When they actually get the money later when they are older, they decide it’s better to keep working.

Also, nothing wrong with tapping K Town when you live in LA. Have to take advantage of local produce, amiright??

I am getting super annoyed by AF not putting in the “Ay Mijo” jpegs!!! :sob: :broken_heart: :angry: :-1:

True but I’m almost 100 percent sure your spending needs drop in the future. Maybe you get rid of a 2nd car, or you move from a hcol to lcol area. Taxes alone is the biggest expenditure you have. If the majority of your income is passive and you minimize your expenditures. Then what’s left over will remain untaxed while the same cannot be said if it’s a wage income.

THe only cost I know that will go up is healthcare at least in the shitty us where if you don’t have a job that subsidizes it, you will effectively pay double the cost.

Also people adjust that spending every year at the rate of inflation. It is stupid to assume that spending remains at 20k to perpetuity. You can even adjust it based on the rate of growth for your account.

Yea I don’t hang around k town. Plenty of Koreans in the south bay.

My expenses have exploded :sob:

Maybe you should stick to countries where you’re less likely to get your face forcefully removed and sewn onto a soccer ball when you stiff the local bookie by telling him “I can’t pay you back this year, it’s not in my budget.”

I hear Panama, Costa Rica, and Portugal are nice.

Did this actually happen? At work, don’t want to google. I know in Brazil (?) they decapitated a ref and put his head on a stick.

for europe i hear spain is pretty good too.

for south america i also hear ecuador is a pretty nice place that is much safer with similar weather to colombia. but i also hear that women arent as hot. and at the end of the day whats more important!

How about somewhere in eastern europe?

i hear the best place in the us is buffalo. low hcol. top school districts. close to canada. but the winter is pretty bad.

Texas. It’s warm and there’s no income tax.

Nery, do the FIRE budgets above account for the monthly expense of 1-3 sugar babies in the applicable locations? While expenses like housing scale by country, core maintenance goods like Louis Vuitton handbags or shoes are relatively constant wherever you go. In fact, costs of these products might even increase in today’s tariff environment. Please urgently comment. Tank.s

a sugar baby is cheaper in third world countries. they wont necessarily want lv. they’ll settle for coach. also theres a lot of fake shit in third world countries that gets the job done at a tenth of the cost.

can confirm i got an uncle who’s in his 50s dating a chick in her 20s. we send our grandma kit kats. and tjhe running joke is he gives it to his numerous gfs and baby mamas.