AM All Topics below 50 - PM All Topics above 50 & 70 - Any ERROR

No, all lined paper was at the end of the question. As long as you labeled it they graded it. You had to mark a, b, c, etc on the paper.

Frustrating … not being able to see your paper i guess. I know for the ones where they have boxed section, i didn’t make any mistake … put it in the box. Just don’t remember if i put everyting in line section (probably did) … but who knows, in heat of exam if i did something stupid. Just bit surprised that so many below 50% where i thought i did okay.

My AM score was much lower than I thought it should be too. I’m wondering if some of answers were not graded. I wrote most of my answeres on one page and then used the template. I wonderi if this conufsed the graders - since it may have appeared out of order to them. Does this make sense?

For example: A Question has four parts A, B, C, D where part B is a template.

I would write answers to A, C, and D on the page before the template. The pages after the template were blank. If graders were expecting those pages to have answers to part C and D they would not find them there, but rather back on the page before the template.

Do you think this makes a difference? Where have you all put your answers?

oh boy, people are getting confused again.

Here’s are the simple rules:

  1. write all answers ONLY on the lined paper given, and number your answers.

  2. As long as rule 1 above is followed, it doesn’t matter where the template is.

  3. you can use or not use the template. If template not used, as long as you numbered your answer, you were fine.

I don’t remember. However, I would hope graders could find the answers if they are on the lined pages no matter where they are, before or after. They make it seem pretty sure that as long as you write on the lined pages and label it, then it will be seen. But I guess there is a very small chance they didn’t see something. They are human.

This is what seems strang to me … i got these 4 below 50% in a row (plus 2 other … #1 & #11. I got 1 above 70%, 4 50%-70% range. but very surprised i got these 4 in row so poorly. Don’t remember what these were about … but i don’t recall having tough time for that many questions in row.

Also notice don of the poster above has same failure. does anyone remember anything pecular about these in terms of format (white paper afterward vs. lined paper)? Or were these really hard areas?

5 Economics 20 * - - 6 Portfolio Management - Institutional 18 * - - 7 Portfolio Management - Institutional 14 * - - 8 Fixed Income Investments 17 * - -

Did you all use a pen or pencil? Some new graders might be not aware that using pencils is allowed.

For the item set portion of your exam, a CFA Institute staff member pulls your answer sheet, verifies your name and CFA Institute ID number, and manually compares your properly marked answers to an answer key. For the essay portion, a CFA Institute staff member pulls your exam book and verifies your candidate number. Each lined answer page and template is reviewed to confirm all responses were graded. We then confirm the scores awarded were added correctly and the total score is reflected in the CFA Institute database.

We do not offer an appeals process or a re-marking service. Retabulation will not change the grades on your individual answers. Unless an error is found in the totaling or recording of your scores, the pass/fail decision will not be affected. CFA Institute does not release individual scores, nor do we release scores for any portion of the exam.

AM templates are EXTREMELY tricky. How many people have answered a question on a blank page only to find out there was a template to use? I HAVE!!!

They must be clearly indicated, leave PLENTY OF ROOM around each answer. they give you more than sufficient blank pages for each question that you don’t have to worry about space.

JUST IN CASE you did somethign wrong and you found out after the fact, you can always use the empty space you left for yourself to correct your answers.

And triple check to make sure you have answered ALL LETTERS! it’s so easy to miss a letter (YES I HAVE AS WELL) after you flipped over to write something on the template. And some questions are short and kinda sneaky looking so make sure at the end of the exam (allow yourself some time to check), make sure you have counted all parts (ie, question 2 has 4 parts, A, B, C, and D…)

And lastly, if they are looking for ONE reason, they only look at the FIRST reason, so there is no point writing 3 or 5 points, so save yourself some time.

As for time management, make sure you practice handwriting - i know it sounds stupid, but we type so much these days we write a lot slower than we were kids? when you practice mocks at home, don’t answer on computers (some do, trust me) and try not to use abbreviations or have very messy handwriting. write them as if you expect people to read them!



Good point. However, you don’t actually need to use the template, you can answer it anywhere so long as it’s clearly marked what you’re answering.

I know I scratched out an answer and re-did it in the template, but only because I had time to do so and thought it would be easier for the marker. You can answer in any way you’d like though, so long as it’s clear what you’re answering.

I’m going to have to disagree with you here cousin.

For all questions that have a template… it’s written in clear instructions right next to the question to please use the template provided in bolded text.

In my opinion there is something fishy about this years result. How could somebody’s item set results be above 70% on almost all topics and end up with almost all essay questons below 50%.

Too many odd results floating around that confim my statement.

All I know is that I’m mastering the essay section till I’m blue in the face.

This is worse than failing band 10 because you don’t really know the real reason of not passing.

It has been repeated OVER and OVER that you have to follow the instructions you are given. You MUST write on the lined pages provided. Sorry but there is no excuse nor exceptions that they will give for not following what they ask for.

Sorry guys, better luck next year. L3 is as much an art as it is a science!

i hear you … not saying it should be regraded or anything. Just the result should give you some details as to why you fail? did you answer incorrectly? Or you were foolish enough to leave it blank? That’s all i’m asking … so it helps you prepare better. Not so much of an issue i guess with multiple choice, but since essay section is bit differnt, they should tell you it was blank. So say you had bunch of blank in end, you would know perhaps you dindt have enough time, and next time work on time mgmt (or you did put it down … just didn’t follow instruction).

I think i did follow instruction correctly, and could be very likely i did poorly on those 4 sectoins. Would have been nice to be able confirm that.

That’s definitely not the reason why there’s such a discrepancy between Am and PM results.

I definitely answered in the correct places. I guess my answers just really really sucked.

That’s why i was frustrated when i found out… >_

I’m stunned that people can fail so hard at following basic, clear verbal & written instructions - aren’t people doing CFA Level 3 supposed to be intelligent?!

To do all that studying and preparation and then blow it by not answering in the correct way…I’m lost for words.