Am I the only one who hasn't begun studying yet?

I’m hoping to start sometime next week when my materials come in. Just wondering how far off I am from everyone else…


I started studying 4 weeks ago and (having skipped Volume 1 completely) am onto study session 9 at the moment (just starting SS9 tomorrow)

The material is pretty easy to read through, minimal quant/formula stuff and a shi*t load of qualitative stuff…big blocks of text everywhere.

So while it is easy and quick to read through compared to L2, I feel like the devil is in the detail and the real picture will start to emerge on your second/third run through the material.

Long story short - I dont believe you are that far behind…a few weeks of concerted effort and you can easily catch up.

I intend to finish my first run through the material (reading CFAI curriculum, doing all EOC and BB exercises) by second week of Feb at which point I will simulate a mock exam and then work from there.

Yo Moss.

Doubt it. I’ve seen quite a few posters say they’re starting in February. I just cracked the CFAI stuff this week.

You’re definitely not the only one. Plenty of others will start in February, March.

Reading this forum, it sounds like most people have started studying. Guess that’s just selection bias. Then again, I’m planning on starting in Feb. Just checking these forums every now & then.

I think you’re asking the wrong question. The title should read “Am I the only one who is going to pass and hasn’t started studying yet”. That pool of people is a lot smaller and really is the only one you should care about. Unless you are a retaker, which I do not believe you are, the answer is Yes with an exception or two hear or there that isn’t significantly different from 0. .

15k are gonna pass, the other 12k are already procrastinating.

Started this past Monday… Same schedule as levels 1 & 2.

Seriously have no idea how people are going through the books so fast and maintaining retention. I still have a book left and I started November 10th. Maybe I should get Hooked On Phonics or buy the DVD where that guy speed reads two pages at the same time.

November 10th? You’re gonna burn out.

I’ve never understood the rationale about the correlation between starting early and burning out. I’d figure it was the opposite. Starting late and having to put in a full days work then study hours each evening and all day each weekend to get through the materials with enough time to do all of the mock exams and EOC/BB’s (assuming you want to pass and not take it again in '17). It seemed like that 4 months stretch would burn me out knowing I don’t have any room to take a breather. I started Sept 1st last year and slowly worked through the CFAI curriculum at my own pace taking Fridays off and working a few hours Saturday and Sunday… Then I took the week of Christmas off and finished up the CFAI materials by the second week of Januaray. Following that I slowly worked through the Schweser materials which I flew through since I read the CFAI materials first and then took another week off. Did the EOC’s, Blue Boxes and Mock exams in the month of May then passed. What’s more is taking it slow and steady I retained a ton of information rather than cramming and forgetting it after the test. To each their own though I guess.

PM already got to reading 24

so he’s just trollin…

I agree with everything you say dub.c. I’d much rather give myself enough time to ease through the material while doing practice problems here and there, than waiting to start later and having no room to breathe. I started November 1 last year for Level II (which I passed) and I had no burn out during the entire time. Like you say, to each their own.

Yep. I would think by Level 3 everyone has a pretty good idea of what works for them and what doesn’t. There’s way too much wasted time and energy and pointless anxiety suffered on this site trying to obtain the “perfect study plan”. It doesn’t exist!!!

I started in October but at a slower-than-usual pace as I’m taking extensive notes. Time consuming but it paid off for me in L2. I’m about to finish SS7 this weekend and my plan is to finish the material in early April, leaving 2 months for revision/mocks, including 2 weeks full-time. I’ve been fairly consistent, studying about 10-15hrs per week up until Christmas. I’m ramping it up to 20hrs but studying is pretty much part of my routine so I don’t see why I would burn out.

Started recently …but wont be using curriculum but Irif videos together with

Just came back around to seeing this. Seems like a mixed bag, but mainly everyone has started studying. Gotta order my materials and start sometime next week I assume. Good luck all!

I’m still on the first book if it means anything.

It doesn’r really matter when you start, as long as you put in the hours.

I just opened the books on my birthday10th feb and then closed them with one question in mind-- where do I start from? In previous levels I used to study topics carrying highest weightage first, but I am not sure from which book shall I start this time since everything is portfolio management. Can anyone advise a good study plan and schedule?