Amanda Knox: Netflix Original

Whos watching this gem tonight? Will this be the best lockdown original documentary since “Making a Murderer”

This has two of my favorite subjects: attractive woman into kinky sex and murder.

Yes, yes I’ll be watching it.

I’m sorry, but there is no way that attractive woman is guilty of anything more than stealing my heart.

I had not heard of this documentary. Thanks, I’ll have to check it out.

I always wondered what was missing in my dull relationships, but now I realize the answer might have been “stabbings”.

Just watched it. Thought it was well done, even though the narrative favors Amanda’s innocence. My verdict is that the investigators are guilty…of stupidity. That British media guy tho…

Had to google her, what a cutie! Then there was this interview in which she is asked if she was there and killed the girl, she says no but nods yes… tricky (at around 0:20)

She’s hot. I would.

At least I have decent life insurance coverage if ever that needs to be invoked…

Her looks have definitely depreciated going from her early 20s to early 30s just like 90 percent of white American women

Aren’t we exagerrating a bit here…

Had to double check to see if this was posted by PA.

when is the john bennet ramsey joiint coming out?

It’s 100% true though. It’s astonishing when you think about it. Women are smart to lock it up before the inevitable ledge.

What’s wrong with you guys, she’s a 6 on the global scale. Few Western women can go past 6, but after 20s it’s all over regardless.

I 100% agree, but I wouldn’t go out and say it

^Except darker skinned women and women from Mediterranean areas.

Agree. Don’t drink too much or smoke at all and have Mediterranean heritage and you’re golden.

Merideth Kercher lives around the corner from my 2nd house…

Horrible. Couldn’t get through more than 30 minutes of it.

So you’re saying it’s all a hoax, that she wasn’t actually killed?