Amazon FP&A at HQ Exit Opps

Recently been in contact with an Internal Recruiter and want to know if I go from RMBS Analyst role that I am in now to Amazon FP&A at their corporate, if that is going to pigeon hole me if, for instance, say I wanted to move on after 3 years or so.

The difficulty lies in the fact that it is arguably on top of the world it seems like and probably not slowing down anytime soon. Also, salary is probably higher than or equal to what most FI fund/AM/Pension Fund analyst makes. Might not go through with it if it starts to materialize though, idk. thoughts?

sounds like a good move. Good money and great benefits. Although Amazon, unlike other tech firms, is known for longer work hours. I don’t see how this road would pigeon hole you in any way.

whats the salary?

Well, my best friend just got hired there as a recruiter for Alexa DevOps and said that I would probably be looking at something like 100k base, 20k sign on, 20k annual bonus. Absolutely cannot stand the weather there though, this is why exit opps is important.

I do not mind the longer hours. currently work 60-70 a week.

dude seattle has the best weather. They have the best summers: 80 degrees low humidity and no rain. Winters: sure drizzle here and there but that is PERFECT for powder skiing every weekend!!! They actually get fewer rainfall in inches than NYC. From there you can be finance manager and make 200k which majority of that money come from base salary unlike in finance where you get shafted on your bonus with 50% tax rate…

You going out to the northwest then? Good for you dude, it looks like a solid opportunity.

Hey man! It’s a possibility at this point. Having trouble finding stuff in Miami, which is where I really want to go but I feel like between now and December is when I need to make my move before starting back up with studying whether it is LII again or LIII, so might not be able to pass this up.

You know where I stand on that haha… if you have a chance to get out of SoFlo for something as interesting as you seem to have, I’d do it in a heartbeat. Best of luck on this, and keep us posted on what you end up doing!

I will admit, I was there last August and the weather was really awesome the whole time I was there. Whistler isn’t too far away either! I went to Vancouver in March but didn’t get time/was too hung over to make it up haha. Yeah that is true! Tax rate lower on base salary.

My dad, being the realist he is said, “My guess? You won’t be able to compete with such massive candidate pool. Also, pedigree could be an issue”. However, once I looked at Senior Financial Analysts at Amazon currently on Linkedin, I wasn’t seeing all Ivy or even Top 20 degreed people. Most was 30-100 undergrad ranking and previous experience was at Fortune 1000, some even lower.

One guy had his CFA charter though and came from ER in the city so he was exceptional based on all others that I saw. One girl ironically went to my same undergrad and worked at a company I interviewed for. Still, things are too uncertain right now to call it a lock, although talking to an internal finance recruiter, my best friend working there, and over 30 plus Analyst roles I’d be interested isn’t a bad start I suppose.

yeah the competition is different over there but the pay is about the same in a city where you can find a decent 1 bedroom for 800 a month.

listen to benzino. plus all that good craft beer is worth.

whats the word on dimes there or is it all hipsters and nerdy types?

I went on a couple bumble dates while I was out there, one was a hipster but pretty hott, the other looked like miss piggy in person so I had to bounce. Will say though, there were a couple of girls I was talking to that were solid 9s. Downside for me is that I was only there 5 days so tough to meet up with the really good looking ones in a short time frame.

wait, what city is 1BR / 800?

If the job is at all interesting to you, you should just move along with the recruitment process and decide when you have more information.

+1 this. You can always decide after you meet with some people and it isnt for you, ive done that a few times with careers outside the finance industry

I agree, I think with being a global company like they are also, managers will be smart and able to very effectively communicate what’s in store for the role. From there, I can decide if I am reasonably certain it would resonate with me.

I agree, I think with being a global company like they are also, managers will be smart and able to very effectively communicate what’s in store for the role. From there, I can decide if I am reasonably certain it would resonate with me.

that sounds pretty good. ive never been but few friends told me its a nice place to visit.

dont know anyone that lived there. could be fun for a few years

Take the job if you get the offer. Exit ops will be good and your quality of life should be strong as well

Quality of life as in work life balance? Amazon is known for long hours. Long hours as 12 hours a day almost everyday.