An interesting insight (?) on racism

I was just watching a rerun of an episode of “The Practice”: Inter Arma Silent Leges, 12/6/2001.

In the episode, a black attorney, Eugene Young (Steve Harris, a great actor), is defending a black client, Daryl Johnson (Gabriel Casseus, another great actor) on a charge of murder (he was alleged to have raped and murdered a young, white woman).

In the course of the trial, Young approaches the assistant district attorney asking for a plea deal. Her response is, “I won’t be blackmailed into a plea deal.”


I thought that that was interesting, especially in light of what’s happening now in the US.

I think we can still say that word without being cancelled, for now at least.

Googled and found at least one person who is offended by it:

How about the idiom of “going to the dark side”. A great opportunity to become offended and self-flagellate. Someone should jump on this opportuntity asap.

I don’t think it’s racist but people are asking the question:

Chess is a racist game for sure:

  1. White team gets to make the first move (structural racism and sets the black team in an inferior position for the rest of the game)
  2. White vs. black setup. Incites violence between races.

It’s also a very disturbing game in the sense that one of the players has to lose. Not very 2020-like where everyone should get a medal for just showing up.

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I would say less racist than mathematics and the SAT (very racist) and slightly more racist than night time.

Is it still okay to drink black coffee? Or does that connote that this particular coffee has been oppressed for centuries?

What about dark chocolate? I love me some 72%

No, but by drinking coffee you commit the crime of cultural appropriation.

My culture is not your beverage.

Not sure if black coffee is racist but adding milk could be:

I’m certain I’m going to be cancelled at some point, it’s inevitable.

many words in the english language use white / light to mean something pure / positive, while black / dark to mean something negative. e.g. white dove (a symbol of purity and peace), black plague (black death), the Age of Enlightenment, the Dark Ages, etc.

The black prince was an English hero. Granted he raped and pillaged all across France!

Lol, I check AF and this is the top post. Enjoy, everyone! Wish I could help.

Also Tupac once said that the blacker the berry the sweeter the juice, I say the darker the flesh then the deeper the roots