And the long wait begins..

Hope I can think about many other things apart from results for the next 2 months… It’s indeed going to be a long wait… How are you guys planning to spend your time for the next 2 months… For me it’s going to be meeting friends, listening to music, gym, compensating for all lost sleep!

with a 50% chance , i am going to workex certified

I shifted to a new place without family and so have all the more time in the world… A bit of running for me - targeting to run my 4th half marathon this december. But want to be in good shape than what I have done so far, which have been all under prepared runs. Will be doing a bit of Yoga too to get back to shape.

Meeting friends after 10+ years in the new place is #1 priority now :slight_smile: Then would be doing frequent travels between place of work and home to be with wife/son. Going to be a challenge, so hopefully I dont remember the test too much. But you are right, very hard not to think of the result, especially when you were band 10 last year :slight_smile:

sooraj was exam easier than last yr

Hey sooraj, if I am not wrong you were based in chennai/bangalore… where are you based now… 4th half marathon!! Awesome.

I am based out of Bangalore now mate and family in chennai :slight_smile:

Vicky, yes I felt the AM was easier than last year (assuming I did see the traps which people are mentioning). PM for me was tougher than last year.

Sooraj, sometimes people overemphasize the fact that those are “tricks” however they’re not… When i was solving 1 question in the AM, i thought to myself now that’s a trick and people will fall for it… but i can’t recall that “much” except for the PM session … god damn it was filled with them and i fell for 7-8 mcs easily.

Hopefully mate, fingers crossed. Agree PM was lot harder for me too… Good luck!

sooraj can MPS be 60

I doubt it will be any higher :).

I agree Bilal :slight_smile:

What types of tricks do you all refer to… Types of that is…

Like the way the question was given, the hidden details in the text, but i can say that AF discussions were helpful a lot so i have to thank a lot of people on here especially magician and cpk again. Their input was definitely valuable for me as im sure it was valuable for others too.

60 % i have a chance

sleep travel work out catch up on game of thrones!!!

Dude, we are now as free as a bird! Come on and have some fun!

When are we going to get our results? I haven’t received any CFA notification emails about the time table.

some time in aug first week maybe

9 weeks and 3 days after exam, august 12th

going to hit the park and reduce 10kgs in 2-3 months

First thing I’ll be doing is catching up on sleep. Sleeping without alarm clocks, atleast on the weekends.

Hang out with friends, go eat a lot of good food, go to the gym to balance that. Watch some shows I left midway in January when I started studying. And read a few books. My to-read list has swelled to 22 in the past 5 months.