And your kids die too


Shep with just an awesome bit about this storm about to hit.


if you are too stupid to heed these warnings then you deserve what you get. I just feel sorry for the rescue workers who have to leave their families to go help your dumbass.

^The lady he was talking to experiences thunderstorms in Palm Beach Gardens all summer long worse than what she experienced last night. If the storm would have shifted dramatically west, less than a 10% chance according to NOAA, she would have had plenty of time to travel inland if she desired. There are also a couple of mid-rise residential buildings that would laugh at almost anything besides a tornado. Not sure were she lives, but she did say she was a couple of miles inland, not on Singer Island. It all depends on the structure in which you are sheltered. The media seems to think everybody lives in a mobile home or 1960’s bungalow.

I stayed at our beach house (which was on stilts) through 3 or 4 hurricanes growing up it really wasn’t a big deal. Some of which were even mandatory evacuations (I think Helen and Fran both category 3) in the Carolinas. As long as you’re not living below the water level in a properly constructed house with some food and water you’re fine. It helped we had some small watercraft around.

I think the point is to avoid unnecessary potential for harm, even if things will most likely be ok.

epic ending haha.

If you’re well above the water table in a well built house the potential for harm is relatively minor. It’s different if you’re talking Andrew or Hugo (both 5) or you’re in Louisiana living below sea level. Which is what most people don’t realize. They hear hurricane and get news images that aren’t justified. Back in the 80’s my Dad went to some of the lock in hurricane parties they’d have in the bars in FL and LA when he was in town before those levies broke and changed people’s mindset.

A cat 3 or 4 is just some heavy rain and wind, you can even go outside in as long as you’re not exposed to a flood prone area.

As far as the actual storm hazard go, you’re mostly correct. A properly constructed house doesn’t help if you have a heart attack and can’t call for help or EMS can’t get to you though. Granted that risk is small, but why take it if you don’t have to? I’m guessing that most people who get rushed to the hospital on beautiful sunny days weren’t planning to do so when they woke up that day.

Im with higgs. Why take any risk when its not the worst thing in the world to get away for a bit and be safe. Im sure the same people would be crying calling the coast guard for help if the worst case scenario occurred.

But more importantly, the video was just hilarious

Maybe the media blows things up over there. Have never lived in Florida myself. But I have been to parts of Asia and seen Typhoons with gusts so strong that they picked up cars and threw them into buildings. I wouldn’t roll the dice personally.

I’m fairly certain BS takes more risk kayaking or riding a bicycle in Manhattan. Having a few drinks while some wind and rain passes doesn’t really rank…I’m still waiting for him to update my coal thread though.

You act like it’s no big deal to just “get away for a bit”. You must have never been in evacuation-type traffic. It’s terrible. It can take all day to move only ten miles.

Then–what happens if the hurricane never comes? Are you just supposed to call your boss and say, “Hey–I’m 300 miles away. Can’t make it today.”

Plus, if you’re sick, elderly, have kids/pets, etc, “getting away for a bit” is really stressful, if not impossible.

And even if you do “get away”, where are you going to go? Maybe you have family inland, maybe you don’t. If you don’t, are you going to get a hotel room? Probably not, because all the other 20 million people on the eastern seaboard are trying to book the same rooms.

Better safe than sorry. If your boss can’t understand the gravity of the situation he’s not someone you want to work for anyway.

For sure, some people don’t have the means to evacuate. However, it’s still a good idea to not be in that place if you can…

Hurricane Sandy was only Cat 2 when it hit NJ and NY.

There are risks to evacuating as well. And there is increased utility to staying. Time off instead of the stress of travel. I’m cool with knowing ems isn’t available. They’re not availabe on a sailing trip or a flight across the pacific either. Calculated risks. A personal choice. No fear mongering media needed. And they’re vastly ignorant and arrogant as well.

Wha??? Even a cat 3 has sustained winds over 110mph. Cat 4 can get up to 150+ sustained. You would literally get blown away if you just walked outside in those kind of winds.

As another poster mentioned, Sandy did a lot of damage but overall was a weak hurricane once it hit NYC. In midtown it seemed like nothing more than a nasty thunderstorm.

See my point about water tables and properly built houses. Katrina was a Class 3 at landfall but it caused record damage when the levies broke with things below sea level. If you mitigate exposure to floods and have properly built homes it goes as long way.

Ok well, I can factually tell you I’ve walked outside in a Cat 3 during landfall (not a 4 though) and I’ve walked in 100+ mph winds on Mount Washington when the surface was ice. Yet I’m still here. People (many of whom have never lived through these things) are FAR too petrified over blown up media accounts and worst case scenarios that boil down to not being below sea level or in a flood prone area and being in a properly constructed house. Yes, I could have a heart attack in theory and no EMS. I could also suffer a heart attack in an area with no cell reception and be left to die, better buy a cell service map and detour around those areas and never ever go in nature. I could get attacked by a bear while camping. I could also get cancer from eating fast food once a month or any of the other myriad of negative health benefits tied to living in a polluted city and working a desk job. Drinking can heighten risks of liver disease and obesity. You can also have your sh*t looted while you’re away because it’s raining and windy. If you go to the beach you increase your odds of skin cancer from sun exposure, getting bit by a shark, stepping on a hypodermic needle. Sheeesh.