answer length

how long were your essay answers for explain/discuss type of questions?

seeing that many of you ran out of time i start suspecting that mine were too short (about on paragraph, 2-4 sentences)

I barely used up half of the alloted space for most questions. It wasn’t due to the lack of time as I did that on pretty much all AM questions, not just the ones towards the end.

What do you mean with allot4ed space. I tought you have to label it A) B) C)… and so on if there is no box

I guess so!!!

For most of the questions i barley used the second page for that. In one paged i labled A, B etc and answered!!! or do we have to answer each part on a seperate page :S???

lol. i never read that seperate page bs. so odds are no worries. i had 2 letters each page sometimes.

as if people need to freak out more than they already are.

It doesnt matter if you write everything in one page as long as you properly identify the answers with the letters.

Yes wrote A) B) and so on in front of every question. Only one question I wrote A) C) B), since I skipped B) and came back in the end

Need to write A) B) C)?

Can I just write A. B. C.?

On one of the questions I answered roman numeral ii before roman numeral i. Clearly marked it as such, hope that is not an issue. Hopefully the graders are not too robotic.

Cannot remember how I have done it, bit I think even if you left the subsection out and only wrote A it should be fine

If its clearly marked, you’re fine. I passed last year and most of my answers were bullet points or simple calculations. They don’t give extra marks for brilliant prose. Instead you risk saying something stupid or confusing the marker. Answer the question neatly in as few words as possible. Clearly indicate what you’re answering. End of story.

Pretty sure I know which one you mean, I did the same thing. I think it will be fine.

I did the same thing on the same question and have been worried about this.

I wrote the number before each, such as:

4 A i

instead of

A i

I assume thats ok?!

thanks, geo, this helps

lol you are all being too paranoid. but on the real they really need to juss make it easier for us and juss mark the damn pages.

Bullet points are your friend.


I dont think there was even 1 question where I used up more than 2 pages. I was able to get all my A-D answers on 1 -1.5 pages mostly…some questions I think I didn’t even need all the first page.

But i agree that they should really put an alloted space for each sub-question (2 pages each or so) to avoid confusion