any CFA candidates smoke weed?

abusing benzodopamines/ muscle relaxants or amphetamine is much worst

I went hard after high school on the stuff. I got a scholarship for having the highest grades in my high school calculus and math classes, took two years off smoking up every day, and when I went back to school with a math minor, I couldn’t get better than a C-. Not saying there’s a relationship here, but there is. I have a pretty negative attitude towards stoners now because of it.

Can you get ‘second - hand’ stoned?

it makes sex better also

In my college freshman dorm, my neighbor was this athlete guy who smoked weed practically every day, in the middle of the day. He was really friendly and always offered to share - some people appreciated it, others didn’t. Anyway, he was a really nice guy, but unfortunately, was not a good fit for Nerd University. Ultimately, he failed academically and transfered to Jock Stereotype University.

relaxed and refreshed the next morning.

My friend who is a doctor said that substance abuse tends to be high among doctors, especially anesthesiologists. Supposedly, they are more familiar with the effects of drugs, and thus feel “safer” using these than non-doctors. It’s also easy for them to get their hands on drugs to begin with. I’m not saying that this is a healthy practice, of course.

This is where Blake says Hugs, not Drugs.

Has Blake passed all 3 levels?

Scientifically, the devil’s lettuce corrupts your soul, not your mind. So blaming it for poor math scores is probably off base, but it is definitely responsible for your dad leaving his gun locker open.

Smoked a few times in college and shortly afterward, but it never had an effect other than giving me the munchies. I support the legalization and taxation of it though.

i wonder if Buffet or Munger ever took a puff…

Why do you think Buffett loves burgers and cherry coke so much?

Bill Gross

Not my thing and some of my clients drug test. I could care less about weed though. But I laugh at people who brag about it.

I`m with ya there. No sense in recklessly killing brain cells while putting your job on the line.

If weed is legal where the CFA candidate lives, there is nothing wrong with getting super stoned and investing tons of client money

Actually that would be a violation of the COE. Just like the perennial example of drinking over lunch. It’s fine unless it impairs your judgement then it’s a violation.

Have a nice day.

Interesting question. If weed is legal, then there’s no problem in using it. However, if you are making investment decisions while stoned, there is almost certainly a violation going on having to do with reasonable prudence. You also don’t want to reflect badly on the integrity of the profession.

Somebody fed me enhanced brownies once, and that was fun. Smoking never had any effect on me, other than to give me headaches, so I really can’t be bothered anymore.

what if it make you a superior investor - would it then still be a violation?