any good book suggestions?

i have these waiting to read: Hell Hawks by Robert Dorr The Big Short by Michael Lewis The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown

i’m going to read the big short. i have it on order at the library.

Heard it was very good and a fast read.

The Glass Rainbow by James Lee Burke comes out 7/13


Investment Biker Touching The Void Hollywood’s Hellfire Club Beer School

Big Short is good. “The Great Reflation” by Boeckh is excellent, although depending on your background some of the second half of the book can be old hat. “No ONe Would Listen” by Harry Markopolous is a fast read and is great. Makes you hate the SEC. “When Markets Collide” by El-Erian is fantastic. I’m halfway through and it is already one of the better books on markets that I have picked up. Its easy to understand and highly sophisticated at the same time, which seems really counterintuative. “Currency Trading and Intermarket Analysis” by Ashraf Ladi. Just in case the exam hasnt whipped your ass enough.

Guys, take finance books off your life for a sec… I recommend “Gomorrah”… either the book or the movie…

Markopolous spoke in Chicago, and I attended. He does have very choice words for SEC. He said - the female SEC attorneys can count to 20 with their shoes off. The guys can count to 21.


Just got The Big Short today and I’m about a third of the way through it. Good read.

Go Like Hell by AJ Baime… Fantastic book on the battle between Ford and Ferrari at Le Mans in the 60’s. Even if you don’t follow motorsport… you will enjoy this book!

Touching the Void is awesome. You have to see the documentary too. … I just got The Big Short but am starting reading for the actuary exam (Probability) soon, just light reading, nothing serious like CFA

i prolly gonna get away from teh finance world. maybe read some science fiction. play some videogames too.

I just put some trashy romance novels on hold at the library…I’d like to take a break from thinking for awhile!


michael lewis is a tool. how does someone who worked for 2 years on a trading desk 25 years ago think he’s qualified to give speeches on what went wrong in 2008. my summer intern is more qualified.

Omnivore’s Dilemma - will change the way you look @ our food value chain. Seriously.

I am considering ‘five languages of love’

sumz Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I am considering ‘five languages of love’ Assuming you mean Five Love Languages - I read it last year, and it’s REALLY good.