Anybody who studied more in L3 ?


Has anybody studied more than L2 for this l3 exam?

I have hardly studied 25% of L2 :frowning:

Same story for me. Probably 150hrs for L3 and had 200 for L2.

Make sure you do some past year papers. I failed last year because I didn’t get used to the format at the first place.

same. I have studied equally for each level

I’ve done slightly more for L3 (300 + hours) - purely just the motivation to hopefully clear this beast once in for all.

I didn’t keep exact track, but approx:

Level 1: ~220h

Level 2: ~300h

Level 3: ~200h

Confidence is not that high…

I think i did more for level 2 purely because i failed it once, but over all I think in terms of the material L2 has far more calculations compared to L3 so i guess it depends what you’re good at. if your good at valuation and complex maths then L2 is your jam, if you’re all about that client facing life L3 is your jam

i guess similar… just this time i dont have the same confidence i had in previous levels due to essay portion

only advantage of the essay section is that if you know part of the question you can still get some points for writing down something you know and hopefully you get some points for hitting key points, as opposed to multiple choice where its either you’re right or you’re wrong

i havnt even done GIPS once :frowning:

Last time must have done syllabus 5 times

GIPS is only 5%, just get the main points down. im reading secret sauce right now for GIPS. its probably the most fustrating topic to study. I mean who can really remember the dates in which you have to use different ways to claim compliance.

the questions for GIPS seem to be similar year by year so hopefully they are similar tomorrow

What happened vicky, you used to be so active? Burned out?

L1: 400

L2: 250

L3: 450

L1: 150

L2: 250/300

L3: at leat 500

Same here. Easily 500 hours for this one. I studies similar for level 2 as well though. Got >70% in all sections. I think it wasn’t worth it. You just need to pass…anything around 300 hours should sufice.

Lv1: 175ish (didnt keep exact track)

Lvl: 391 (kept track)

Lvl 3: 501 (kept track)

u guys on fire

probably 10 to 20% more hours for L3 compared to L2 (I lost track on L3 so this is a rough window)

L1: 300

L2: 250

L2 take 2: 450

L3: 500

Don’t feel particularly confident though…

I would guess those are close for me too. Maybe 550 for level 3. But I am still only scoring 67 on mocks, sometimes 70.