Anyone able to apply for the 2018 scholarship? I am able to, is that telling?

This thread is comical lol. I’ll just wait for 8/8

does this work


MPS is set the week. I’m looking forward to the theories on hidden pass/fail flags to really start flowing now.

So I was messing around with the scholarship thing…and now suddenly I don’t even see the scholarship access page or link anymore anywhere on my profile…

same here, previously had the access to the application page, once the application was withdrawn my scholarship page access has dissapeared. does anyone have an access to the scholarship page?

but still can access the scholarship section from here:

This is the public page, not your profile page.

tell you what : once i saw the scholarship page, that year i did not pass… next year i didnt see it and i passed…but there were folks on this forum that saw it and passed so don’t freak out until 8/8 !

meaning that you can transfer to the PRIVATE scholarship MANAGEMENT page via the link on the PUBLIC scholarship page :slight_smile:

meaning that my neighbor, who is a car mechanic has an access to this public page but this is not what we’re talking about.:slight_smile:

greet your neighbor from me :wink:

still have both

Apply for 2018 Access ScholarshipManage My Scholarship Applications

So yeah the link to access the scholarship page used to be there… now it’s gone as of last night:

same here, but no direct link on “Your Program” page, just a indirect access via main public scholarship page mentioned before.

i can definitely still access it, but i’m wondering if that’s because i had applied mistakenly (via snooping around the page)? shows up on my “Your Program” page, but not under Candidate Resources.

I was able to see it last night until I accidently applied again, and then withdrew - then the link disappeared. Try withdrawing and see if you still see the link?

I actually did withdraw, but it’s still showing up as “registered”. When i click into it, however, it shows as “withdrawn”. Pretty weird stuff in the name of conspiracy theories! Now you guys got me all riled up thinking about this. August 8th just needs to get here already…

I could see it, than I applied for a scholarship than withdrew it. Than it disappeared.

I still think it might be too early for a tell as I doubt they have determined who has passed/failed yet and updated the site.


Same situation on my account.

Accidently applied in June via Candidate resources.

Immediately withdrew.

No more this option under Candidate resources.

Still have this option on part on screenshot above.

It says registered and when I check status is withdrawn.

IMO, exam marking is still in the process. Otherwise we would also receive our results next week.