Anyone awaiting NYSSA approval to get Charter?

I have been waiting for a couple of weeks. They emailed me some forms to pay dues, etc, and almost made it sound like if I sent in the payment ($200 i think) that they would get back to CFAI right away and I’d have my charter. Don’t think that’s the case. I’m just waiting for the status to change on my membership application on CFAI site. Anybody else in similar boat?

Pay the fee and they notify CFA institute and you become active (if both have approved you). Why are you waiting to pay when you will eventually pay anyway?

well they haven’t approved me yet, that’s what i’m waiting on, but they did send me the invoice when I tickled them about my approval. Only reason I wasn’t paying was if for some reason they don’t approve then I’m out the $200. I’m just curious if paying the $200 will get them to respond back to CFAI quicker so I can get my charter quicker.

I’d probably just go ahead and pay. Societies seem to approve you if CFAI does. I haven’t seen one instance posted on this board yet of CFAI approving then society rejecting. This is not to say it is impossible, but unless you can come up with a reason off the top of your head that NYSSA would reject you, you are likely as good as accepted.

They have strung me out for the full 45 days. Today the ticker hit 0 so I’m hoping to get something early next week. Have yet to receive any sort of invoice from them or CFAI.

If your work experience has been approved and the NYSSA has approved you to pay dues you should do so now. Right after I paid my NYSSA dues I got an E-mail from the CFAI saying I could log in and pay my dues there. After, that I checked my profile and it had changed to Lord Jeffrey, CFA (name redacted). Now I gotta try to get my firm to reimburse me for these professional association costs.

I remember calling up NYSSA while I was waiting and they said that they meet once a month where they make decisions on new applicants. Combine that with the backlog this time of year, it probably explains the delay. Pay the dues, it might be aprt of the process to get your application package presented.

I paid them immediately and they notified CFAI within a day or so.

This is not comforting. I am on day 32, and just tried to call NYSSA for the first time today. I left a voicemail. I have already been through the whole cancellation process because my job descriptions were “too brief”. Anyone else calling BS? We passed the tests, we have the work experience, and now we have to spend months going through red tape. I won’t really believe it until I see that charter with my name on it!

Day 30 for me…

If you think NYSSA is bad, try the L.A. chapter… Could actually not even go through cancellation. had to be accepted as ‘affiliate’ which of course does not grant you the charter. Had to start the ‘upgrade’ application process (you would think an upgrade is faster…), nope! Clock started ticking at 45 days again. Called them about 2 weeks ago, gal told me it would be any day now… well, clock keeps on ticking with 21 days left. What a joke.

I am largely in the same boat. Had my fifteen years as senior PM of a large mutual fund kicked back for lack of description (“15 years as PM or large mutual fund” being insufficient I suppose). I didn’t realize this until after I paid the NYSSA and CFAI and saw that the online application they were having me complete was for “Affiliate” membership. Oh well. I simply beefed up the description and resubmitted the application for upgrade. Not much more to do than that. There is an awful lot of paperwork involved – for the CFAI and local society as well as us. Given the number of applications to process, and the volunteer nature of especially the NYSSA administration, I’m not sure that we are entirely reasonable to expect 3 to 5 day turnaround on all of this.

Plyon, did you have to fill out any ppwk? Is that ppwk NYSSA asked you to fill out? I did not have to fill out anything appart from the brief description on CFAI. Great… something is now telling me that I am in the wrong again and will have the surprise to restart the whole 45 days wait in about 19 days now…

Well first of all, it’s all on - line. All I had to “fill out” was my work experience – and this I had already done. What happened is that my application was finally accepted (my sponsor didn’t reply until August 20 or so). And that application only gave me “associate” status. At that point a button appears that allows you to apply for an upgrade. That’s it pretty much.

Now Day 28…

Day 26

What exactly happens after 45 days? Automatic approval by the local?

I’m wondering that myself, as I have 13 days left its drivng me bloody crazy… CFAI took about 2 days to approve. Now waiting on NYSAA. Does the local society ever reject what the CFAI approves, or is it more of a formality?

My 45 days expired and I still haven’t heard word one from them. But my membership at CFAI automatically became “Active, Regular” and when I called to confirm they informed me that I am indeed able to use the letters. Incidentally, the woman I spoke to said there is no need to actually become a member of NYSSA. So, I left NYSSA a message but I’m in no hurry to pay another $200 that they don’t seem to want to collect.

anc417, stupid question where are yoiu checking for that? on CFAI website it still syas waiting for NYSSA aproval.