Anyone else feel confident walking out?

Finished AM and PM in under 2 hours which gave me ample time to check over and correct 1 or 2 answers after falling for ‘tricks’.

My preparation included all TTs twice and about 8 mocks + a bunch of vignettes from different providers. I think this range put me in good stead.

Would be very surprised if I didn’t pass.

Anyone else feeling confident during and coming out of the exam?

I too thought the exam was a joke compared to what I prepared for… I found PM a breeze contrary to what most people claim. Maybe has to do with fatigue.

Though I answered most questions with confidence there were some that I had to guess completely and some more that simply did not match my calculated answers… These glitches seem to linger on in memory so I can’t be complacent about results and I would be just as nervous as everybody else come July.

Definitely easier than level 1 last December. But I still can’t be sure whether or not I passed.

I found PM slightly harder but all in all fair.

I did not straight up guess any but there were about 10 in each paper I was unsure of due to the nature of the questions (could usually narrow it down to 2).

My min score is about 42 AM and 40 PM if I got all these educated guesses wrong, which should be enough for a pass. Probably got about half the educated guesses wrong.

Definitely will feel nervous the day of results though!

I feel confident as well.

Don’t you guys feel it was easier than level1? Maybe I was just expecting level 2 to be that much harder but it is not.

It may be a matter of perspective, i.e. how much you studied for each. Everybody warned us of the steep climb to Level 2 so that also played a role in expectations but in terms of processing power and time management in hindsight I believe Level 1 might be the hardest exam!?


YES! People who feels like me! The exam was extremely easy I couldn’t believe it! Almost every question I ask it: are you really that easy? I couldn’t answer one question, and I was not 100% sure on few questions. All of this yet I am not sure I’ll pass :S I am extremely confident, but just not quite sure and I want the results right now so I can feel the relief…

BTW There is a question that had a problem in it, I got the right answer but I am sure the question has a flaw. I read in the CFAI that this is not unusual and when this happens if there are 2 right answers the credit both, and when there is non they credit all. They say that they get coomplaints for such questions for them to be reviewed. Should I notify them or can I be sure that someone else will?

LOL. I swear I can relate to 2 such questions. One that was missing an important info, and another that did not feature the right answer choice… But I still give CFAI the benefit of doubt…

Don’t know how anyone can be confident.

75% is a very strong result, yet it’s roughly a product of 50% know-for-sure and 50% guess-between-two. How can one be confident guessing on half of the questions? I scored 70+ on all topics but two on the Level 1 and was far from confident walking out.

And here, PM session was full of traps, and quite nasty ones at times. And those are the ones I noticed - how many I didn’t?

*an addition :slight_smile:

But who claims confidence after guessing 50% of the questions?

I wasn’t guessing more than exact 10 questions. Even then, I was guessing between 2 solutions and 1 had eliminated. I was studying brutally for level 2 and had been prepared for more diffcult examination.

Due to given taken all Mock tests, each time I felt such now, my results were above 70 %.

So, what’s wrong to be confident? Of course, there is not 100 % warranty for passing.

krokodilizm, product not in mathematical sense. In mathematical sense, it’d weighted average :slight_smile:

Flashback, Nothing wrong, I just don’t get it. You’re on your way to score 90%+ apparently :slight_smile: Btw, would you give me 20/1 odds on yourself not passing?

In the AM, did anyone else feel like a question was wrong. I.e. no correct option as A B or C.

In consideration of the fact that I was thinking to give up on the exam 5 days before, the actual exam was pretty easy and I feel confident to have passed. Seriously, most of the questions were pretty straight forward and - so my opinion - way easier than the CFAI mock exam.

Walking out of the morning felt OK. Unless I missed some tricks or didn’t read part of a question. PM was a different story. Some of the FRA questions were really, wouldn’t say hard because there is an answer, I would say different focus. They did punish you if you didn’t study the official material.

Of course, I’d say at least 1/4 NP. IMO, those exams are crated that average well prepared candidate may pass. As many of you, I sacrified a lot of my free time for months to study for this exam. At least, we should be confident as more as we already have L1 passing experience and are familiar with post exam overall feedback feeling.

I was scoring around 65% on the schweser and CFAI mocks (not bad considering I have studied around 170hours) but I found the exam really much harder. I think also that schweser mocks very really not helpful for preparing this exam. Anyone else with the same opinion?

Maybe it was just not my day… but I have bad feeling.

I generally try not to be too overconfident. Call it being superstitious or whatever but I couldn’t help myself from thinking that the exam was relatively easier compared to all the Mock exams I took (CFAI, Schweser, Fitch). In the PM section, I was done with 5 vignettes in less than an hour and there were certain sectoins in the exam where I knocked out in 5 minutes but spent more time on it because I was afraid there were traps. In fact, my strategy was to read the first paragraph in the vignette and then look at questions and go searching for answers. So while I may have felt overconfident, I am concerned that I may have fell for some tricks. I am a Band 10 retake so I may have been more prepared. I felt like crap last year and this time, I felt better. I did panic a bit in the AM but regrouped myself and started building confidence in answering the questions.

I have my fingers crossed

I cant believe that some of you find Level 1 as harder than Level 2

Level 1 seemed like a walk in the park for me.

Level 2 is like a walk in the park in Chernobyl.