Anyone else have this "problem?"

Okay so some of you may say this is a nice problem to have but it is really driving me nuts. To date I have taken 5 of the 6 Schweser exams (all of Book 6 and 2 from Book 7), and have yet to score below 80% on the full 120 questions. Yea I know great and all, but I am really not trying to brag. The thing is when I am taking these tests and answering the questions I feel like I don’t know WTF I am doing, i.e. kinda feels like I am just making the most educated guess possible and not ever really 100% sure of the correct answer (maybe 25% of the time I know with certainty I have answered a question correctly). The thing is, I have now taken 5 exams (i.e. 600 questions) and am overall averaging way above 80% so its not like I just keep luckily guessing the answers to these questions. So what say ye? Anyone else have this problem? How do you deal? I feel like I am completely unprepared for this exam, but don’t see that coming through in the practice exams.

dude, i am in almost the same boat. I’m scoring in that neighborhood, yet have no confidence that I’m getting things right as I go. The way I am choosing to look at it is that this is better then feeling the same way and scoring in the 60’s - I must be doing something right. Other then that I’m just keeping at it, trying to improve across the board.

molodets! seriously though, you are in great shape, and just feel nervous for the real thing, so you second-guess yourself. totally normal feeling. Your grades should prove to you that you are understanding the material, but I wouldn’t let it deter you from continuing to review.

yeah we all wish we had that problem… keep making educated guesses and stop cying yourself to sleep

I did this on 3AM last week… I was ready to throw my book out the window and felt like I couldn’t figure anything out. Instead, I punched in the answers and got a 77%, including a 6/6 in real estate which was ridiculous - I was sure I didn’t get more than 3/6 or 4/6. I just try to use it as a learning tool and not worry about the score… I find the Schweser exams to be much more “guessable” than the real thing so be sure to know why you got each questions right or wrong.

good going…make sure you keep the mojo going till jun6th …rest assured, you WILL need to make a lot of “guesses” in the real thing as well…

scoring above 70 but i agree for something that i have studies so long and hard @ its demoralizing as to how unsure i am on some answers ,…the distractors they throw in are pretty good u can actuially calculate and come up with wrong answer based on some flawed methodology (eg current vs temporal) see the answer and say yyup i got this one rite

Very glad to see that I am not the only one! And the way I feel after taking these exams I don’t think there is any way I could stop myself from studying 24/7 for the next 10 days even if I tried!!!

Count me in this league. I am so not confident for this exam and my scores are in top percentile. I am really scared. I think the 3 options are doing the trick for me here. EDIT: I am so scared that I avoid post scores here, just in case our Jr’s come and bump that thread (next year) when I would be retaking the exam with them.

swaption, you are the man of 2009!

Didn’t one of the FSA reading tells us, “if it’s too good to be true, it’s probably not true”?

eltia Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Didn’t one of the FSA reading tells us, “if it’s > too good to be true, it’s probably not true”? it says " if it’s too good to be true, it’s probably true"

I can already tell that I’m going to have no idea if I passed of failed when I walk out of the convention center on the 6th. At level 1, I knew my chances of passing were in the 95% confidence interval, I feel like I’ll have no idea this time.

It’s easy… if you end up guessing a question on the mocks, just mark it as wrong. If you resort to guessing most of the time, it’s a sign too.

Swaption is a lady! Not a man!

the Schwesers seem to be much easier to answer than the CFAI questions. i suggest printing up as many of the mocks as you can and getting each of those concepts down in addition to everything else.

I really have a feeling pass rate is going to b e 75% or higher this time around :frowning:

Still in Schweser practice (book 6), one pm left. I got some problem with time management. Most question sets are 2-3 pages, but my reading speed is really low, especially when I tried to answers the Qs like who said are right or wrong. Any suggestions on this? Will do more pratices to see if it can get better, but not enough time to review all topics.

I wish I had that problem. When I first started doing practice exams I was scoring in the mid 50’s and gradually improved my pace and am now in the 70’s, which is great. But, this afternoon, as I started reading PM in my study guide, I found myself zoning out and having to read and re-read the same paragraph over and over since my retention was low. I think I’ve hit a “wall”, this sucks!

wtf. people freaking out 2 weeks before the exam with 75s. Now people flipping because they get consistent 80s. What’s wrong with this place.