Anyone from Chechnya

Anyone here from Chechnya, it would be nice to hear their thoughts.

I think this has more to do with these two dudes being wackos than it has to do with them being Chechnyian.

Suspect 1 looked an awful lot like BS, so glad to see that you are alive and therefore not Suspect 1.

If the wackos behind the job where Greek I would be more scared about what everyone else’s thoughts where. Also if I lived in the USA, let alone Boston, I would consider moving back home if I had the means, in fear of those thoughts…


Perhaps, but it would be nice to get a little history too. There could be some type of correlation between the Russian occupation of Chechyna and this. IMO, more information is always better than just stating someone is crazy,

There has to be something other than they were crazy. One crazy guy? Okay. 2 crazy guys who happen to be brothers? I’m not buying it.

I don’t grasp this at all. I mean, Chechens have basically enough trouble waging war against Russia, why on earth would they try to piss off another large nation that could potentially sympathise with them? In fact, the primary Chechen Islamist leader, Doku Umarov has been begging for US support. In many cases, Chechens serve as fighters for pretty much any jihad, they just show up wherever there is a fight, but this is truly truly bizarre.

The sad fact is that US government has not sympathised with them for years and years it has not provided any support in the face of ongoing terror from the Russian government

Since not a lot is actually known at this point I can only speculate, but I don’t think these guys did this as Chechens, I think they did it as Islamists. Don’t forget, a lot of the 9/11 terrorists were Saudis.

Religious fundamentalism knows no national boundaries. I have no time for people who put their religion before family and country.

If avoiding conflict with a major nuclear power is sad I don’t want to be happy. It’s geopolitics. What countries have supported Chechnya?

Should we condemn Switzerland for having a neutral world policy and not going around poking at other countries? Why is this the responsibility of the US?

Perhaps you can turn the argument around and say that maybe the US goverment has stood by as the Chechens have been prosecuted not because it has some beef with the Chechens per se but because they are Islamists and the political climate forllowing 9/11 has been so very unyielding. Pre 9/11 there was alot in the meduia in aqll the west about the savageness of reprisals against the Chechens which kind of just faded…

^Good point but not the thread lol.

Anyone have any insight - even if this the effect of religion as opposed to geographic area - I am still interested in hearing the history first hand.

just to be clear as well: i think there can be no good reason for what happened in Boston or 9/11 WHATESOEVER

^Going out on a limb wink

@ Ohai: Generally neutrality I think is very difficult to maintain from a moral point of view.

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