Anyone have any BB training manuals?

Any training PDFs from lehman, merrill, etc…? Just interested to check one out if anyone has access to one/has one.

No BBs, you’ll shoot your eye out.

Why do you ask?

j-rad Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Just interested to check one out if anyone has > access to one/has one.

Can you be more specific as to what you’re looking for? Certain topic/functional area? 1) Most of the training manuals aren’t going to have much more than you can find in a good textbook or from sell side research. I’ve seen a few but don’t have copies and they generally don’t put anything particularly proprietary in them for the exact reason of people putting it out on the net. References material to using the general models tend to be on internal databases rather than stand alone training materials. 2) Even if people have copies, they generally aren’t going to advertise them on this board. The second someone writes “I have a copy of Goldman’s IB training deck” there will instantly be hundreds of requests to send it out. There’s no incentive to share and most people aren’t that altruistic.

In addition, they won’t to let you usurp their job or knowledge… All the training manuals are copy protected as internal documents using legalese, not to be distributed in any form I expect - unless you are James Bond from the 1960s and use microfilm…

Yeah, my training manuals were basically the cliff’s notes of an accounting textbook, a finance textbook, and then a 20-30 page document covering risk management. The only other stuff we got outlined firm policies , etc. The BBs outsource most of their training to b-school professors who each come in for a week or two and cover their subject.

If I recall correctly, J-Rad was the hero who sent everyone free financial texts.

Thanks for the info. guys… I wasn’t aware that the training is just general stuff. sternwolf: just trying to share my resources

I have the credit suisse training manual that I can send you. You can post your email here and I’ll email you the manual. It’s from their summer analyst program.

Thanks… jperlin (at) gmail (dot) com

what are you guys talking about? Bloomberg has a manual. i have a copy that I’m looking at right now. I believe I got it for free when I attended some free training sessions a few years back (or maybe when my company got me a terminal). If it’s hard to come by then you can have my copy, but you’ll have to pick it up in Greenwich, CT.

no_slogan: BB as in bulge bracket, not bloomberg.

ahhh… that explains it. sorry - i’m hungover. to bad the CFA program doesn’t teach acronyms…

haha no problem…

JPM CDO Handbook

supersharpshooter: Looks good, thanks a lot.

positivecarry … can you plz email me the manual my email is icebot (at) live (dot) com

positive carry you mind if i take a look as well…thanks in advance

Me too please??? DoubleDip1 (at) gmail (dot) com