Anyone just starting?

It’s painful to start again after being in a lull, it’s like I’ve forgotten how to study. The adrenaline levels have totally disappeared. I’ve been trying to start for the last 2 months can’t get myself to do it. So I’ve decided to ease into it. I’m going to read SS 3 over this week and next, and then start doing 1 SS per week…

Anyone else starting now?

Hi, I’m just starting now as well. I have started earlier in the past but found that by the time June rolls around, what I took in way back during October/November was gone! I am also finding it tough to get back into it, but what normally gets me into a good regime is setting a goal of covering all the topic areas first time round by end of January, with six books this means around one book every ten days or 30 pages per day, which should be enough to read and work through the problems. Having these little goals with a bigger goal on top has helped me to get going again this time around. Good luck!! There is still plenty of time to work through the syllabus and pass.

Yes. Opened the books few minutes back and checked the forum. Haven’t been here since long. Took the FRM part 1 so couldn’t find time for CFA. Am too bored to start but have no choice. Will increase my daily hours slowly.

I have been on and off reading the first half of the book for about a month and still couldn’t put my heart into it. I been placing my main focus into looking for finance related work for 2 months now and cant land myself in one.I lost the drive to keep studying when I do not feel the recognition. I am lost again.

i studied 10 hours in total. wondering if i will keep going of not (another post). I managed to finish the derivatives book in 10 hours with 95 % confidence. Thats cause derivatives are my thing. But from then on its going to be a slow and anoying process if i go for it.

I am starting today and i start attending live classes this Thursday. It will take 2-3 weeks of regular reading to get in that routine. So my immediate goal is to just get through that ‘sinking in’ time of 3 weeks. Once through that time, i will sit and re-asses and see where i am at. That’s how i went about my preparation for L2

In the same boats guys. Haven’t started. One fine morning got really energetic and ordered some material to study but have been trying to find reasons not to study :frowning: I just have 3 months to study - December, April and May as I would be going back to my B school. Hope to get some motivation out of this thread to start studying soon!

I just opened the box… the photo on the fixed income and equity book freaked me out… it’s probably bombay…the traffic light is still orange/yellow and the cars from the other side (presumably the light is still red) are already in the middle of the road… ripe conditions for an accident

I’ve read through the books, taken 40 schweser Qbank tests, and 1 Schweser practice exam. I feel like I have a basic understanding of the material, so now I’ll start practicing problems and plugging the leaks.

I haven’t started yet. In the past, I started studying for L1 & L2 the 2nd/3rd week in Feb/Aug and was planning on starting most of my heavy studying for L3 then.

I started with the second book this Monday but didn’t touch the book the next day. So as someone mentioned earlier; I have set a weekly goal for myself which will hopefully keep me motivated going forward. I know its very difficult to make that start but once you get going you are comfortable devoting few hours daily. Also the thought of having a holiday break this year end has me studying for now.

December is a super busy month at my firm, but I know I’ve got to crack the books open early if I want to have a shot at passing L3 on the first shot. I think I’m going to come up with my studying game plan tomorrow and dive into the readings this weekend. I feel like I was just getting used to commuting without a CFA text in my bag…

I’m starting this week. Got some study materials. Talked to a couple former L3 takers and one guy who teaches the L3 exam. Got a rough study plan down. Really not looking forward to the next 6 months of this crap, but part of me is excited that this process will be over soon enough.

Six months of this starts soon… I am so hoping it works out.

I’ve read all books 3x, listen to the MP3 notes while sleeping, worked all problems, taken 4 practice exams, and taped up all the pictures of those sweatered asian girls off old schweser notes in my bathroom to whack off to 2-3x daily. Feel like I’m about ready to go at a second pass through the material now. Just really want to be “test ready” -know-whata-mean??? -Unfortuantely I also feel as though I may be developing carpal tunnell syndrome, anyone know what this might be from??

I am just starting now… and aiming to be done with first Schwesser notes book by the end of december. Hopefully I can cover all the notes by end of april, and concentrate on question practice in May.

I am planning to start in January. Planning to read some basics of the past levels first in December. Has anyone of you done the same ?

Will start in January. The holidays pretty much mean anything studied before then will be forgotten come new year.

Started about a month ago, finally back into the swing of things. took me awhile but working with schwesser books first. done with book 1, 2. will start book 3 tomorrow. I plan on having gone through all kalpan books by Superbowl weekend. I will then start CFAI text then till may. And last month for review. No messing around here boys. I’m completing against you all, so lets do this!! yeeee haww

Started Oct 1st and took me about a month and half to lazily get through Ethics. Kind of took my time with that. But started hitting it hard mid November and am through study session 5. I’m going through CFAI materials so my pace is slower than the Schweser cult followers and I’m doing all EOCs as I go. My plan is finish readings and first go at EOC’s by Mid April and then have a month and half for practice exams, Creighton review, and re-doing EOCs a couple times. Flash cards and memorizing formulas during lunch for the next five months as well. It’s gonna be brutal but I do not want anything to do with CFA exams in 2013!