Anyone know Math here?

I am from a finance background that teaches no Maths or statistic. Have gone through cfa frm and caia

Just wondering any program to recommend to have some understanding of Math or statistic? I know phd is a option but it just take too long and is full time.

You want “some understanding of Math or statistic” and “phd is an option”… I’m not sure I’m clear on what you’re after… do you want something basic to teach you basic math, or something to go really deep into math?

If I wasn’t doing CFA, I’d probably be doing this.

If something simple is what you’re after, maybe try videos on youtube like the Khan academy, or just get a stat 101 book.

Well, just get books of some areas you are interested if you just want to have deeper understanding of Math or Stats.

Yeah, what kind of math? Calculus, linear? I was a math minor and while I got through it with okay grades, I absolutely hated every minute of it. Modelling was cool though. If you don’t have a background in it, graduate level math will absolutely kill you. You could always look into evening classes at your local college/university, just audit a first year linear algebra or stats course or something.

But yes, I wouldn’t have passed if it weren’t for khan academy.

how does a finance background not require math/stat???

CFA has very minimal math and it just touches statistics in L1 (Different types of tests) & L2 (Time Series)

You can always take some online math courses if you have no time to actually attend some classes, I am sure some university offer intermediate to advanced math courses online.

Satistics class at a community college.

search for undergrad math/stats books on amazon…buy secondhand…learn…and rejoice

Thanks all for comments.

i tried looking around and find that there are so many type of Math and statistics. For Math there are linear algebra, calculus, geometry. Which one is more relevant to finance?


Stats by a longshot.

stats,optmisation,matrix algebra,differentiation

Thanks all I have a clear idea what to read. And Alladin, your blog is nice

thanks maisatomai,btw is that supposed to be marissa tomei? she is nice.

^ She was nice.

Remember you can lok at Math and see two things 1) Tools 2) Theory. Most people when they talk about math, they talk about 1). If you really truly want to understand math, you have to do 2). 1) Will be just a specific case of lemmas and theoremes that you will prove and won’t really matter that much

Finance = stats plus a small dose of linear

How do you know she is nice?

Funny how people in liberal arts think finance is so math intensive.