Anyone started studying

Thinking of starting today dont want to take any chances again.

Good idea. I did in Sep 07 and passed in June 08.

Started but on a cool pace. Don’t want to urnout myself an dlet the material sink in. All of that seems entrely new…but interesting.

same here, started but slow pace, level 3 i want to register for a long time and not study for the heck of passing

i read 2 pages yesterday if you call that a start. I had to, it being an auspicious day for some.

Did anyone read the second book yet? There’s a lot of psychology thrown in there. I wonder do they test this stuff. Heuristic, Representatives, Frame.

I’ve started. With Ethics, combining the schweser '08 with the curriculum. Printed out the LOS to mark off what I should be reading in schweser, and what is new that I might have to refer to the curriculum for…not happy to be constrained to this rigid itinerary again, though…trying to make the best of it for now…

I’m casually reading book 2. I started this weekend and I’m only 40 pages in.

Nike, i browsed thru some past exams and sure enough, the heuristics, representativeness stuff does seem to be tested.

i started casually reading the 2nd book. looks very interesting so far.

Same for me. Started book 2 and I’m about 40 pgs into it. Figure I’ll keep doing about 30 minute readings 3 or 4 times a week and see how far it gets me

Almost half through Book 1 (dang, ethics is snore-inducing). I hope to be done with my first pass by January. I have a kid coming due in Early April of 09, and I know I’ll be time constrained the last two months, so I’m actually trying to get ahead of the game for once in my life.

same reason for me, busprof. also trying to get ahead because of a baby.

i’m still lazing around… i have no excuse… simply haven’t registered yet… not sure what i’m waiting for… siighhh!

mumukada, you are waiting until someone tells you to register. I’m going to tell you that. Stop slacking off and register!!!

wow, I thought I was ridiculous for even CONSIDERING to pick up the books prior to Jan/Feb… looks like I may have to reconsider… I’ll start this weekend :frowning: (mind you I did register the day of passing)…

maratikus Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > mumukada, you are waiting until someone tells you > to register. I’m going to tell you that. Stop > slacking off and register!!! siighhhh…i’m going to think about it… what!? …it’s a start…atleast i’m going to think…

Studying ethics is the most painful thing at this point. When I got my books, I was very excited and decided to read a section, got through about 1 page of ethics and put the books down, haven’t had the urge to pick them up since.

Swan: In both L1 and L2 I put off ethics until the fear of failure overrode the lack of enthusiasm. This time, the house will be crazy with a new kid in the last 2 months. So for a change, I thought I plan ahead. But you’re right - ethics doesn’t just suck - it sucks audibly.

I think that studying ethics last is the best policy, because if you study now, you’ll forget everything.