Applied for membership in advance of 9\8

well,who knows the process? My three referees promptly supplied their refernces and if my work experience is verified, what happence next? If L III passed, when to pay a fee?

a slightly different question, what if my sh^tstan country doesnt have a local society (only gay communties), is it possible to apply for a membership in let’s say New Zeland? Always wanted to end up there!

As I understand it, you can be a member of as many different local chapters as you want…it’s all extra cash for them, so they don’t say no! :wink:

I submitted mine as well. I was wondering when the fee would be levied too. Good idea to get them in early.

Once the local society approves the CFAI will send you an email:

Dear _____,

Congratulations! You have been approved for regular membership. Activate now to begin enjoying member benefits, including access to career postings in JobLine, webcasts featuring industry leaders, and respected publications like CFA Magazine. Please note that the membership year is 1 July through 30 June and view the dues schedule.

I believe you can just let this hang until you find out your results. Whether you pay now or in August after results matters not, it’s going to be the same price and your membership only runs through June 30th. I just paid once my experience was approved because I wanted member access to my local society.

^ you can access your local society with the affiliated membership, which does not require the charter to join.

Membership Type** Annual Dues** Regular/Affiliate US$275

Why would you want an Affiliate membership if you qualify for Regular? Genuinely curious, I don’t see the point but maybe I’m missing something.

You claim to be in the United States (of America); what’s the problem?

today i got the invitation email for reuglar membership, is it a hints about the CFA lvl 3 results?


You can be part of the gay communities as well as however many local societies you want, from what I understand.

So ltj, did you get the email to apply? I am assuming you didn’t because you are already a member; but with CFAI, anything is possible. Did you?

No, I didn’t get it.

I am also a member. I also didn’t get it… For once, CFAI’s IT function is showing some consistency…

I also received the same email, prompting me to apply for membership, but what if I fail? All my referees will be questioning why I’m not yet charterholder. This is just awkward? …

How long it take to get the experience approved? I sent my application last week, waiting for the feedback from the institute…

I feel like applying ahead of time in expectation of passing is bad karma. I’ll sit this out until I get the results.


The applicaiton is a non-consequential event. You can apply, get your membership and hold on paying the annual subscription

Fine, but don’t complain when it takes you 2-3 weeks before you’re charterholders. If I remember it was a long wait last year.

work exp approved, got prompted to fork out $275+85

who knows, if it’s a pass and I pay right away, will one get an automcatic message with permission to put a designation or there will be yet another round of approval?