Apply for membership today?

Just wondering if everybody got this email?

And how does this work? If I apply even if I fail do I still pay the anual dues?

I was going to post a new topic about the email which I just received … I didnt receive such an email last year and I dont have high hopes of passing this year too… So yeah i got this email and it has my ID on it… any other guys received it?

Yup I realized that my ID number’s on it as well…

I doubt this means anything… but I’l be curious to know if anybody else recieved this.

I got it and I thought they do this every year to rope people into paying dues and money even though they may not pass the test. If CFAI wants my money, pass me first.

you guys don’t make me feel special at all. I got two years of work experience to go so whatevs CFAI, whatevs.

Anyone who failed last year and remembers to have received such an email last year ?

I just received the email with my ID too.

I suppose everyone sat for level 3 exam got the email, my heart stop beating for 5 seconds…

this is a slap in the face if I failed.

I don’t think I received this email last year when I failed…

did anyone who passed last year get this email? I doubt it, must be a new thing. If there was a canary this big in the coal mine people would know about it.

First time sitting for Level 3. I got the e-mail with my number on it.

Anybody at all remember seeing it last year? (pass or fail)

I guess the good news is that they implicitly gave us confirmation that they have our exams … “Now that you’ve sat for the CFA Level III exam and are awaiting your exam result”… I wish it means we all passed!

I wonder if people that have PCP investigations got the email?

I got the e-mail, too. Didn’t receive it last year when I sat for Level III, and I also didn’t pass.

I don’t believe that a MPS has yet been established for this year’s Level III exam. Reading another post, it appears as if that is being done in the next week or so according to CFAI calendar of post-exam steps.

I think we should wait for others to post their update on this email. I failed last year however I dont remember anyone mentioning this email on here as I was an active member too. Therefore, i believe we should wait for someone who is sure that he/she sucked big time this year and way too sure of a fail.

I also dont see the logic behind CFAI asking us to register for a regular membership knowing that there’s a possibility that we might fail …

us paying dues for no reason.

^^ exactly but I dont think CFAI is that desperate for money at this stage where people are waiting for their results. I dont think its a smart way to make $$ too, it is tempting I must admit but everyone knows that there’s a 50% chance of passing this exam so I believe that this email goes for those who are so damn sure that they are going to pass to encourage them to register early.

Wow thats gr8! I always had this question that how much time would it take to have the CFA charter given you completed the requisite work ex. requirements and passed all 3 levels. As I have just lately fulfilled my work-ex criteria now I know I dont have to wait for more that 6-8 weeks.

I was about to do this (did not get the email but think I passed).

Then I saw it asked for two references (preferably a supervisor). The last thing I want to do is have my supervisor fill this out only to tell them in 4 weeks that I failed. AWKWARD.

I’ll bite the bullet and register along with the other thousands who pass.

I received this email as well. I spoke to a guy in my office who grades them and they haven’t even set the MPS yet from what I understand so it likely doesn’t mean anything other than a way to get people to pay dues before the results are emailed.

^^ what if they fail?