Applying for Charter: 'Decision Days Remaining' shows blank

submitted the application on 18th Aug and still waiting for work experience to be approved.

but noticed ‘Decision Days Remaining’ column is still blank, thought there should be a number counting down…

is someone else seeing this as well?

Mine is the same as yours…submitted on 18th as well…

Once CFAI has approved your work ex and it goes to your society for review, the decision days will show up.

Mine was submitted on 18th Aug as well.

Decision Days Remaining shows up as 30 today. (it was blank till yesterday )

Cool, then you got working experience approval!

but even CFAI row shows up as Under Society review… does it show approved?

same for me… both under review. The waiting is tough. 16 days remain.

When CFAI approved your work experience, did you receive an email or did you find out by checking the website?

found out by checking the website. no email

Thanks! I will continue to check the site obsessively.

Just drink yourself into oblivion this weekend and you’ll forget all about it. I applied on the 19th, I think most CFAs took a week or so to get their references in order, so I think we’ll be waiting the full 10 bid-ness days.

There isn’t a deadline, right? I’ve been celebrating since 8/11 and should probably write up my work experience some time in the next month.

Solid advice. I will be commencing with this shortly.

You better hurry, deadline is 8/31.

Just kidding, ride out the rest of the summer if you like - congrats on passing!

just checked and no updates… feel this is just a test of patience :slight_smile:

have a nice weekend everyone !

Now I am so glad that I actually did all this way before the result day

An email notification will make the waiting candidate life easier. Not sure why CFAI is not willing to do this…

Not true. You will get an email asking you to activate your membership (a.k.a paying for it)

As Unemployed stated above - when you get your membership approved you will get the email and then you pay your dues to activate.

The question that was asked of me was: When my work was approved, did I get an email and the answer was No I had to check the website.

^ My apologies. I thought only after count down is over, the work experience is actually approved and your memebrship is approve as well.