Applying for membership

Are you guys, able to apply for membership now? What links do you get when you enter to “Becoming a Member”? Is it even possible to apply for membership before passing the Level 3 exam?

Yes its possible

You can apply for Regular, non-charterholder membership at any time as long as you have passed Level 1 and have the minimum 4 years of qualifying experience. If you receive regular membership before passing Level III, when you DO pass Level III you just automatically become a charterholder without any additional paperwork, as I understand it.

I signed up for membership last year, mostly because my local society has some great events that are free for members.

Agree with SJ2017 above. I have regular membership as well. Will be charter holder on 8/8.

How long does the work experience and reference approvals typically take?

Mine took a week or two total. CFAI approved it quickly, local society took a little longer. But then get slammed after Level 3 results come in, so it will take longer if you apply next week.

I applied for membership and CFAI approved my work experience really quickly (2days). Iam now waiting for local Society to approve. But my application say’s I’ve submitted 0 months to local society and they have approved 0 months with 28 decision days remaining.

Did I make an error in my application to have the 0 and 0 showing for local society. Anyone else have experience with this?

no errors. talked to CFAI help desk and they mentioned this is simply a place holder given that you didn’t need to fill out anything with respect to your local chapter selected; i.e. they see the same stuff the CFAI sees, so you’re all good.

mine was approved today, but i have to wait until results come out to activate, per our policy.

Nice. I applied yesterday (8/1 was the date I hit 48 months of qualifying experience) and was hoping to have everything processed by 8/8.

I thought maybe we could find some early tell signs for the results)


Ethics violation with a hint of overconfidence bias? :wink:

well, you don’t HAVE to report them, according to CFAI. Figured that might be a good thing, otherwise they’ll have a clan of whistleblowers everywhere and no one would want to hire a CFA charterholder LOL

I was a regular member between 2006 and 2009. Had let it lapse. Took it when I was a grad student in US.

I applied for local society membership last week. Was cleared overnight.

Waiting for the results to activate local society and reactivate CFAI memberships. Just need to pay and get it done. Fingers crossed.

Approved. Is there any delay in paying fees and becoming a member? ie - if I wait until scores on Tuesday morning, pass (God willing) and pay the dues… will there be a payment processing delay or will I have the charter effective immediately?

So I got an email today saying that my experience was approved. It’s kind of convenient that they would approve of it right before results come out (ie they want me to pay now if I indeed did fail)…is this some sort of tell?

I don’t think so to be honest with you Junction. I applied last week and was approved next day. I think they are pretty quick overall. The delays happen if you wait until after results are released because everyone is applying at once. I don’t think there is anything to it as to the timing of your approval.

Under Your Membership and Society Applications, are there numbers of months for both CFA Institute and the CFA Society? Although I got the email saying that it’s been approved (and the status also says approved), it still shows 0 months approved/submitted work experience under the CFA society (but shows it for CFA Institute). I also applied probably 3 weeks ago, got CFA soceity to approved of it within 2 days, and didn’t hear back from the CFA society until this afternoon.

As I understand it that is standard procedure as far as the work experience approval is concerned. If the CFA Institute approves your work experience the CFA Society automatically does.

Thanks for the insight - I still find it oddly suspicious of them approving it right before results are released. Hopefully it’s a good sign (and not a bad one).

Although I guess my experiences will be good data points for next year’s people when they dig these posts up