Apppetite Issues?

Just wondering if anyone has ever had appetite issues. I never really had any issues before 2 months ago. For some reason I did not get hungry anymore. I see a psych and he didn’t see any neurological issues. That kind of left me on my own and I just started smoking more 420 to keep up my appetite and energy. My appetite leads to my energy, but in the gym has been making me feel like a zombie. I’ll go 2 days without food and workout everyday but can barely move unless I prompt my leg to kick or arm to punch. I’m on the verge of collapse every time. Has anyone faced anything similar? I’ll put a tube down my throat or inject an IV if necessary. I’m almost more comforatable with a tube down my throat than eating another protein bar. I can’t eat anything its getting ridiculous. Its like a pain in my stomach if I don’t eat or if I eat it turns out to be super binge eating and I destroy my stomach.

Like if there were food pills I would take them. I think there actually are vegetable pills right?

try increasing your cardio routine

at least 30-40 min per week on a treadmill / stationary bike and you should be fine

what. dude I’m kickboxing everyday for an hour at least. sometimes twice a day. the feeling of beginning and ending with no energy has this feeling I have never felt before. I can’t tell if its progression or regression, but I definitiely get the endorphins post-workout. A major issue I face is not intaking the appropriate amount of protein post workout. I used to be religious about this and have a protein Vega shake, but recently have completely lost any appetite post workout which is complete BS as this is the prime time for me to crave food.

Its pretty disgusting. I order a few meals for delivery and intake 3000-6000 cal at once. Its sick. I don’t know how it happens, but I just need it sometimes. I go right back to the gym and work it off the next day. I have a vague idea of the matchups but the scale doesn’t lie.

It sounds like you may want to consult another doctor to find out what, if anything, is causing the problem. If I were in your position and was really against seeing a doctor for whatever reason, I’d probably stop smoking, drink lots of water, and buy a variety of healthy meals and snacks to keep in the house to try eating at regular intervals every day, even if I wasn’t hungry. I’ve never faced your extreme but I do force myself to eat something an hour or two before every workout because I know my workouts suffer without proper fuel. Being on the verge of collapse during any workout is no joke. Take care of yourself.

^ guessing by your interesting ramblings across multiple threads that you may not have been serious. In case you were serious, I’ll leave my 2 cents. And maybe add extra emphasis on considering decreasing the 420 intake if you’re really just eating in binges and want a solution.

When i stopped smokin the tree, I had major eating and sleeping problems for months. I would get sick when I ate and I would wake up dripping sweat everynight for months. So maybe you need to stop the trees for a few months and see how it goes?

I still have sleep problems but think it’s unrelated to same since that was almost 3 years ago now.

I think i’m just going to order some IVs and food tubes and packets from a medical supply company. I hope I can find some vegan food packs for the food tubes to do a flush. If that doesn’t fix things, I think I need an MRI/Gastroenterologist.

if you’re not on the verge of collapse are you even trying? the most benefits are gained when you push yourself to the max without breaking yourself. its an odd kind of edge that you’re constantly pushing further and further. you feel like you’re going to collapse but then do another 5 min round or switch up jump rope / heavy bag / ground n pound / kicking with handweights and interchange those 4 until you go from the verge of collapse to delerious. but, when you try to kick — its there. your punches are on and hitting the rhythm on the jump rope for 5min intervals like you are a machine. because that is the goal - to get this movement so deeply ingrained in your muscle memory that when you’re delerious and on the verge of collapse, you can still throw that lethal hook, or whatever ‘strikes’ your fancy. just sayin

I don’t disagree with you. However, I think it’s one thing to push yourself to the edge when you’re properly fueled, consistently taking care of your body, etc and another thing to push yourself to the edge when you haven’t eaten in two days. I’ve been an athlete my whole life. No pro or Olympian but I did play a sport in college and was known for pushing my teammates to their limits. Used to tell them if they weren’t ready to crawl off the field when the final whistle blew then they didn’t try hard enough. I think it’s fine to push yourself that hard. Just think you need to make sure you’re fueling your body properly if you’re going to do that.

I couldn’t agree with you more. Fitness/health, nutrition, and sleep all are related. Its the most odd thing as an athlete. I usally crave a heavy 32oz protein shake after a workout, but the feelings have dissipated. I know that I need to intake protein for proper muscle growth and maintenance, but currently can’t drink anything that heavy right now. I can do light nutrition drinks (like naked green machine), coconut water, and coconut milk so I am scraping by, but this is unsustainable. I do know that a lack of nutrition combined with extreme physical exertion can break your immune system. That’s my limit. I feel a slight weakening of the immune system at times, but feel it bounce back as well. I have to layer up when everyone else is in a tee and my bodyfat isn’t even that low. I am usually on fire — so hot. Always hot in any environment. My former sensei used to teach to go into the gym/dojo when you feel good, when you feel bad, and especially when you’re sick. It is a little bit unconventional as modern nutrition and health science would probably be against that, but the mental effects of pushing yourself to a limit are most defined at the greatest point of weakness. So i’m taking advantage of that right now.

hi zach, philip,

i reccomend you go to an endocronologist and get a complete check up for testosterone, thyroid, t3/t4, kidneys, liver, etc…if you need a recommendation let me know

Yeah, I’m not sure either but if serious, I’d go get a full lab test and see if anything falls out of range.

Thanks. Thats a good idea. I can get a blood panel and see if anything hits.

the blood panel you get from a regular doc is junk. hit up and endo

Do you have troubles going to extremes with everything in life?

To summarize; not eating for days in a row, while smoking pot, and working out to the edge of collapse.

Advice – stop doing crazy stuff.

dude. go to a doctor. that aint normal. they’ll prolly ask if u depressed, but u sure as hell dont sound the type. so its prolly something worse.

When i train it’s actually the complete opposite, I have a never ending appetite and on my off days i am not as hungry. I think you may suffer from overtraining. There is a major difference between pushing yourself to the limit and unintelligent training. When you are training MT (i think this is what you train) what is your training like. Are you doing 3-5 jump rope, followed by 3-5 rounds shadow, followed by pads/bag/light sparring?

I’ve known some gyms that like to completely exhaust a fighter with cardio before training and have that fighter end up with Rhabo. be careful bro, its easy to want to fit in all components of training into one (lifting, cardio, and technical skills) but you should probably know by now that its detrimental. If you’ve been going extremely hard for an extended period of time (and be honest with yourself instead of just saying you’ve been overtaining), then i would highly suggest an off week to let your system recover.