Are you going to revisit this forum, if you pass?

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Yes, if u mean analyst forum rather than CFA forum, as I need to sit for FRM part 2 next year. Also I am interested in CAIA although it’s not my current priority:)

Probably not. I’ll be focusing on wealth accumulation. I don’t want to end up being a wash out like hashtag.

Probably stay here for a month or two and then dissapear. Maybe will post something ocassionaly.

I will probably continue for a few months ( enrolled onto CAIA L1)… may be once in a while hop on to it, to check otherwise stay away… yes, avoid turning into a hashtag.

I’d like to parlay this experience into local CFA exam prep coaching… like 1 on 1 tutoring helping candidates set study timelines and answer questions. Just a low time commitment thing to make a few extra bucks… so I’ll be back here

I’ll start cursing everyone until somebody bans me. F*** the losers.

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I’ll probably continue for a few weeks and then disappear… I use this forum mainly to calm my anxiety.haha.


Haha, got a chuckle out of that one.

we need more people at water cooler. lol


absolutely darn toot natoot’ely no sir ee bob!

I’ll hang out there but doubtfully on level 1, 2 or 3 forums. Some charterholders come here because it’s the only place they’ll ever feel superior to anyone amongst the CFAI community. Here to make them feel good knowing they did something we haven’t yet.

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Some of us come here to help others.

Or so I’m told.

That wasn’t directed at you, I did say “some”. You do help a lot.


I was merely saying that you might come back to help.

You’ll be helpful.

Understood. If I can help anyone, I absolutely would try.