Are you guys tensed about August 9? or is it just me?

Are you guys tensed about August 9? or is it just me?

Nobody seems to be posting anything…

You have to give people more than 1 minute to respond, generally.

Most sane folks have probably checked out until results day, but to answer your question - yes. Hoping I’m done with this forever.


The evolution of CFA confidence.

30 Mins after test - “DUDE I TOTALLY ROCKED THAT”… checks Kaplan and CFAI material… oh crap i f*cked that up

Next day: “I probably passed, i only screwed up a few things. I only straight guessed on 2 questions and had about 10 educated guesses”

Next month: 50/50 I passed

8/1: 20/80 I passed, I cant remember the test BUT I CAN FEEL IT IN MY BONES.

I’m definitely starting to get a little tense, let’s just put it that way.

I will never forget August 9th

It’s intense but life goes on

The closer it gets to the results day, the more tense i am :frowning:

Yea it’s getting worse every day, and it’s been bad ever since the exam lol! It is natural given the work you put in to feel tense about the outcome, I don’t think there are many exams around where you can put in 6-8 months of hard work and still might fail! Horrible feeling. Hope I’m done too, won’t be neglecting my young family for another year so it’s do or die. Good luck all!!

Seven days, waiting, make one weak.

Philadelphia_Colin5 is spot on. The worst part is family and friends constantly asking if the scores have been released and assuming that there is 0% chance of failure. I’m attempting the “18-month” completion, and since I’ve been successful so far with levels 1 and 2 my support group doesn’t believe that failure is possible. No pressure.

I pretty much forgot about the exam from mid June until ca. 1 week ago, working a lot and enjoying summer when I could. Now I’m also getting more nervous every day…

You forgot to mention co-workers constantly asking and assuming 0% of failure. That’s the worst part for me.

Got a few meeting invites for the 9th today. Thinking to myself that I *really* don’t want to be at work if things don’t go well on Tuesday. Oh man that’s gonna be brutal.

I feel for you guys. Not sure if your results come out just after 9am like the L1s did, but on the 26th I told everyone at work I had a “repairman coming” and would be “working from home” in the morning, thus avoiding the risk of publicly bursting into tears or throwing something across the floor.

I’ve never opened an exam result at work. I wait until I’m at a bar with my friends, and a shot of Tequila in front of me. Pass or fail, I’m going to want a drink and I’m not going to want to be at the office.

This is exactly how I feel about the exam. At this point I am even afraid to open my email on Aug 9.

My best memory was when I sat in a outdoor bar with friends having beers when phone signaled I got mail. I let a friend read it first and tell me the result. It was a pass on level 2.

Worst memory is when I sneak away to check my email. Surprisingly I already received the result so I read the fail level 3 alone in a room.

this time i will give my wife the phone and just let her find out first and then later I will ask her before I read the email…

and as someone said above… Why do everyone repeatable say stuff like “don’t worry, you will pass it easily”. It’s very annoying even though they mean well (I’m sure I said same thing to friends that dropped out to encourage them!)…

as closer we get 9/8, as worse it will get…

good luck all

Don’t sweat it…


I barely can spend one day without coming here so I cannot imagine knowing the email is here and waiting until end of the day to open it…you are a better man(woman?) than me