Art Bars

One of these joints just opened down the street from me. I had never heard of the concept before. Bascially, you paint and get hammered. Seems kind of stupid to me, but I’m hearing that they’re all the rage lately. Anyone here been to one?

I’ve never heard them called “art bars”, but I know of some wine/painting/pottery places. Sounds like a hangout for bored housewives.

Yep, my wife has done something like this with her girlfriends. They get hammered and paint, and I wind up with a crappy looking peacock that I have to put up somewhere.

It sounds fun, but I doubt the demographic is up my alley. I like creative people, but I’m just assuming it’s an older women thing. Who knows though it’s unique enough to warrant a try.

Hmm this is actually pretty interesting to me. I used to be pretty decent at art but haven’t picked up a pencil or paintbrush in a long time. I googled but couldn’t find anything in London, got any more info higgmond?

I don’t know if that’s the term for them, but that’s all I could think to call the place.

I only know of the place near me, which appears to be a one-off business, but the snooty wife of one of my friends claims similar places are very trendy now. I also just got a Groupon for something called Paint Nite, which appears to be a business that sets up painting party nights at different bars. Perhaps they operate in the UK as well. If not, maybe you can introduce the concept to your market and make a mint.

I think this concept has potential, but it needs some important modifications:

  1. Customers must drink to the point that they cannot remember their actions.

  2. The customers must return to pick up the paintings while sober.

This way, the results will be far more interesting (spoiler: there will be dicks).

I’ve heard of something similar in San Antonio. It’s BYOB scrap-booking. Basically, you get to use their supplies, but the wife and her girlfriends get together and drink Franzia and scrapbook for hours.

I did one of those. It’s fun with a large group of friends and if you don’t take the outcome too seriously. There was a guy in another group who got very frustrated with his work. Hilarious!

is it a coed event? do the dudes show up to pick up the girls?

I could see how a bodypaint version of this would work.

It’s like any other bar, but you also do something other than scream at each other to keep conversation going…

That sounds like fun. I’d do it if it were less pinot gris and housewife and more whisky sour and hipster.

^^ Haha I’d be there

It’s very popular for attractive, single women I’m told. I hear guys who are good at art clean up at these things by “helping” the girls paint

This sounds like there’s great opportunity for me to walk into one of these classes, strip off all my clothes, and say to no one in particular, “paint me like one of your French girls, Jack.”

^ I’m not sure which is more disturbing, your use of that reference, or the fact that I got it.

I actually really laughed at that. Awesome.

I went to one of these with several friends. We got hammered with cheap house wine and channeled our creativity onto the canvas using acrylic. I remember I had a lot of respect for one guy (not part of our group) who placed his canvas on the ground, acquired several large jars of paint and splashed them onto the canvas covering an area about the 5x the size of his frame. It looked spectacular.

I thought it was an interesting concept to try once. The wine hangover is terrible and an obvious downside. I had left my canvas to dry at the studio and forgot to pick it up the next day. I got a call a week later asking me if I would like to pick up the paiting that my kid drew - I thought this was somewhat disrespectful.