Ashley Madison Hack

37 million people are having a terrible morning.

Hackers claim to have personal details of more than 37 million cheating spouses on dating website Ashley Madison and have threatened to release nude photos and sexual fantasies of the site’s clients unless it is shut down, blog KrebsOnSecurity reported.

So a site that helps people cheat got cheated on! surprise

Perhaps this is why AF attendance is low today - people are doing damage control.

37 mln? 37 mln??? This is over 10% of US population! I can’t believe it, and I thought I was jaded

Yeah but I imagine about 80% of those are spambot accounts.

The hits just keep coming for Tiger Woods.

I’m thinking about Greenman!

There’s a ton of spam on there, or so I’ve heard.

Spam bots make sense. It’s probably like 20 men to 1 real woman on there.

i thought we had agreed to keep our rendezvous a secret, smuggy.

Actuallu, I’m just in CE class today. Sorry to disappoint.

In my opinion ashley madison was designed for bored corporate employees and horny young men.People who wanna cheat do it in much more subtle and discreet ways than register on a website to it.

Another matter to have in mind is that men are horny most of the time,but women become horny in correlation with their period cycle,thus enabling or disabling them to do foolish things such as meeting strangers for sex

I told you not to keep the same username. now it is all out there!

People post nude pictures in their profiles?

@Greenman-did you mention being a charteholder and cpa in that profile of yours ?If you have,you should enjoy a good indian traffic to your profile.

If it all comes out I suspect there will be many “I just signed up to see if my sister’s husband is on it” kind of excuses flying around

Phew, that’s a good one. I think I’ll use it.

While this is probably true, I think for most spouses, it will just confirm what they already suspected.

Especially if they havent already told their spouse about their account by now…

Hehehe, had a good chuckle about this whole thing.

please elaborate.

First trampede, now this… c’mon Toronto, you are slacking…