Asking the Important Questions

How do you keep your butter? Refrigerated? Butter bell?

Some frozen, some in the fridge, some on a dish in the cupboard.

Also . . . some salted and some unsalted.


I used to think the idea of butter sitting unrefrigerated was disgusting. And surely, if it’s left out for a very long time, it can go rancid. But away from light at room temperature, soft butter out of a butter dish provides terrific spreadability on food items that are both hot and not so hot. And it stays good for weeks under those conditions, in my experience.

Who among us hasn’t experienced the frustration of taking a chilled brick of butter and attempting to achieve 100% buttery coverage over that English muffin or piece of cornbread? You’re left with unsightly, unmelted chunks of butter unevenly distributed across the surface of your chosen bakery item. Friends and forum-mates, I’m here to passionately tell you that room temp butter is THE answer to your prayers. I’ve been in the room temp butter game for years, take it from a veteran of the space.

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Why frozen? That’s a new one to me.

I just got a butter bell and dish from my grandmother’s estate. Nifty little contraption. I’m not sure I’ll remember to change out the water for optimum results though.

Prior to the butter dish, I was a refrigerated person myself. Salted and unsalted.

When butter goes on sale, we invest in a good 5-6 bricks that go into the freezer. That way, we have plenty on hand for baking, cooking, etc. :yum:

Keeps longer. And makes for a better weapon.

At the moment we have a couple of cubes (weird use of the term, by the way; they’re not cubic) sitting on the counter, awaiting their chance to shine in a batch of cookies.

I also saw it is an old cooking trick to grate frozen butter into flour to get a flaky pie crust!! :bulb:

Now that sounds phenomenal. Definitely going to try it in the future.

My wife does that.

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You’re inflations biggest enemy my man!

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I never heard of a butter bell before, so I went on to Youtube. It’s ingenious!!

I had some toast with soft butter this morning and now I am having a ham sammich with butter on my homemade bread!!! :yum:

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