Asset Manager Code of Conduct


I’ve never been a fun of the topic of Ethics but I put up with it. But now this AMCC! It’s almost the same, but yet not. I’ve just read it, fell asleep on every page and I had practicly no idea when trying to answer the practice questions. How can this be internalized?

I guess just mug up this and move on. It’s not something enjoyable.

I’d forget ethics for now. It’s all short term memory stuff so you should do it last, IMO.

I remember using the simple idea that the AMCC was just the code of ethics applied on a firmwide basis with a few extra points to memorize. Even so, given how few pages it is, I’m thinking the very most you get is one item set on it.

Very well put. Ethics is there for one reason and one reason only…to keep the pass rate low. And then to pile on with the AMCC. Utter nonsense. The questions put forth in Ethics and on AMCC in L3 have nothing to do w/ being an ethical money manager, they’re just unfair.