Attack against French Magazine

Twelve French magazine workers, likely because they drew pictures of the “prophet,” slaughtered in their workplace. Sad day for liberty yet again. Canada, Australia and now France all attacked by Islamic motivated terrorists in the past few months. Attacking core democratic institutions in the case of Canada (parliament) and France (media). Other satirical papers will likely tone down due to security concerns and our western way of life and democracy will be poorer as a result.

10 journalists

2 police officer

A very well-known team of caricaturists wiped-out.

This is crazy.

I hope not. Keep the satire rolling.

Thoughts and prayers to those in France.

I got the NY Times email blast for this story and there was literally no mention of a motive beyond the aside that the magazine was “satirical.”

Good news though:

“The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.” - Barack Obama

all for drawing a cartoon…

The frequency of these attacks is worrying. I know that the entire religion cannot be tarred with one brush but when will the West tighten its approach on fundamentalists.

France have a relatively tough stance on maintaining their cultural identity as well.

^^That magazine had been firebombed back when they reprinted the Danish cartoon of the prophet. They probably still do similar stuff.

^ Glad to see who Obama stands with.

Isn’t the Danish magazine the one that got bombed because they depicted Mohammad as having a bomb for a turban? Clearly, it was unfounded slander…

Going to be hard doing such cartoons now that their cartoon staff is dead.

Charlie Hebdo was firebombed in 2011 and their offices burnt down while noone was there. They continued to print cartoon images and were gunned down today as a result. I’ve been sharing the cartoon images via facebook today and encourage people to do so as a form of quiet protest. I admire their dedication to free speach.

Haha, is it just me, or does it look like Muhammed is getting tea-bagged?

Oh sure, easy for you to post. You have a secret bunker in the Poconos stocked with weapons, ammo, food, water, and gold.

^ He’s sentenced everyone else to their deaths. Zidhai is going to come hunt us all down one by one…

^^How can you be a BSD without a SBP?

I went home for Christmas this year and my Dad owns a pretty successful business. Over the past year he had some of the top contractors in the world build this huge concealed underground bunker with a year’s worth of food, 72 hour chemical suits, self sufficient air filtration, 2 ft thick concrete walls, 2BR, 2 bath, 1,500 gallons of stored water, a functional kitchen, armaments, etc. My response was something along the lines of “uuuuuhhhhhhhh…” But hey, if the zombies attack I know where I’m headed.

What’s the guy saying on the cover?

Is Zidhai still around or did he get banned with XRAY and Vcfah2?

Well, the butler is basically saying to Johannes Chimpo… “Don’t let the Great Satan tempt you with the Western culture. You must remain true to the Taliban warlord.”