August 9th confirmed

Just got the email.

It’s still June.


Yeah just got it to! Few days before my birthday - hopefully I can celebrate properly - if not I’ll just drown my sorrows - either way I’m getting drunk as a skunk!

Mine had a notice that you could register for the exam on August 10. This obviously means I failed! :slight_smile:


Failed, obviously…


I got it at 10:50 AM - this must mean that I had 10 sections 50 - 70 range in the AM section

still haven’t gotten mine…

gosh, just receiving a notification email makes me nervous…

God my heart almost stopped for a moment when I got the notification on my phone : from : CFA Institute “Dear Ugor…”

Anyone has a notice saying that you could register for the exam on August 10?

Nope, absolutely not, as pointed above if you get it it means you failed


If you click on the link you will be able to see the PM score!!!

Yes I noticed that as well. It is what people in the financial business call a “Template”

B B B But maybe its just a template for the fails?

anyone still not get theirs? Now i’m starting to worry…

I guess that means that know one passed this year then. I know they are trying to keep the number down but this goes a little to far

I didnt get mine till the afternoon last year. Dont worry about it (unless it comes with a violation letter)

Don’t, probably takes as much time as sending the results so at least 6h between the first and the last to receive the email :D. maybe a bit less since it is the same email to everyone

Anyone else see this:

Reserved Access

Your account profile does not permit you to access the page you are trying to reach.

when you click on candidate resources or give feedback?

Nope. You found the key!