Augustinian Confession Thread (no nice guys)

An Augustinian confession for you all: something I’m not proud of but nonetheless can’t help.

A lot of girls that I dated have been getting married lately. They post these pictures of them up on facebook looking all coked up on love in their wedding dresses and what not.

While I am genuinely happy for them, the d-bag in me can’t help but get a bit gleeful everytime I see one of these photos, bride and groom posed for perfection along with dozens of well-wishers saying things like, “You guys are so cute! XOXOXOXX LOVE!!!” and crap like that with 120 people “Liking this.”

The reason I get all gleeful is that I just desperately wanna comment, “I got there first buddy, i made the shores a little wider for you, so you can thank me for making it nice and rooomy in there for you. Yep buddy, you bet I still have the video your wife and I made together where we do everything imaginable, things she probably won’t even let you do to her. To think that she kisses your children with those lips today.”

Feel free to post your own confession.

…pics or it didn’t happen.


Faith in humanity after reading this= Faith in humanity before reading this - 42

Dumb. And insecure. But mostly dumb.

If you’re nailing hot women left and right, why do you bother to film your encounters? You can’t possibly have time to watch them all and why would you even want to since you’re going to have another encounter later that night? That would be kind of like Nolan Ryan keeping clips of striking out batters.

So, marriage is all about sex? If I didn’t get to her first, then I shouldn’t marry her?

Crap, I proposed for the wrong reasons


If you really slayed so many dimes you wouldn’t have had to move to a 3rd world country to nail fobby chicks with no possibilty of getting out of poverty, nor would you care about what your exes are doing on the book.

And why does it bother you so much?

I’m all for guys spreading their seed and being as sleezy as possible while they’re young… but if you really want to brag about it, do it in LA or NYC w/ 10’s instead of competing in the special olympics, India of all places.

“special olympics, India of all places.”

Wow, take that, Indians!

Just saw this thread, was busy b@ngin CT’s future girl. Confession/

Poor CT, somebody broke his heart.

^ This

he sounds bitter in his last few postings, likely got dumped and needs an e-testosterone booster. dont be too harsh on the poor fellah

Never thought of that. Maybe his one true love just married some other dude. Sorry CT, my heart goes out to you.

For your sake, I hope you’re happily married with an incredibly hot wife… cause otherwise, this is just sad.

Damn son, I think we might be soulmates, (no Homo).

Alot of the shorties I banged out in the past are now getting married, it really has no emotional effect on me at all. The only thought I have is that I must be getting old. Well, except for one that got away while I was studying for level two and thats mostly because its hard to find pretty, emotionally stable, non fobby, asian chicks who stand at 5’1" and carry 36Cs…believe me on that.

Tikka, you a real b____ for thinking that…just be happy for other people…hating never made anybody any money…

It’s good to see all those girls improving themselves now. A lesson to never give up :wink:

Confession: I recieved oral from an overweight (female) cabby at my buddies bachelor party once. I regret nothing.