Augustinian Confession Thread (no nice guys)


I know, I couldn’t be happier for anybody that I used to be with… especially since I really have no emotional attachement and it cost me nothing for them to be happy.

I think the other posters are right, CT is butt hurt, happens to us all. He also implies that every girl he got with was a virgin before he tapped that… those chicks have prolly been gapped by a few dozen guys before he got to them, so that’s beyond wishful thinking.

Of all those things you listed above, emotionally stable is the hardest to find. You can pick any 2 when it comes to women: Smart, Sane, or attractive

I like this. I have often felt the same way. My trio was always (in no particular order): attractive, smart, and nice. I wanted all three, but historically, I’ve only managed to get two out of three. Maybe I should lighten up on the “nice” part and just hope for “sane.” :wink:

These days, I try to find someone who meets minimum standards on all three, and is exceptional on two. But even that is tricky.

I dont think that sane is a lower level of nice, or that they’re mutually exclusive or anything. Nice people can be very CrAzY!

As I get older (27 now), I’m seeing relationships or being single as an equity risk premium type trade off (although Im not sure whch side has the premium, haha)… things have to be worse sometimes to be better on average. Everything in life is a trade off, you’re not going to get a girl that makes a ton of money, never has a bad day, is smoking hot and etc. It just depends what you’re willing to sacrfice.

This doesn’t mean you should settle for some gnarly heffer, still do the best you can. It just means that women are basically retarded and they’re gonna suck sometimes (no pun intended)

Fisher, a research professor at Rutgers University, explains it this way. “We have a stereotype in this culture that it’s men who are the ones who don’t want to commit, who don’t want to settle down, who are the scarce resources. But in fact, it’s the opposite.” As one married man in his 40s old her: "My wife isn’t perfect. She isn’t the best I’ve had in bed. But she’s a wonderful mother to our daughter, she’s very helpful in our business life, and we get along very well.’”

In my mind, “nice” included “sane” as a prerequisite, but I agree that, technically, one might want to make a distinction. Nice was simply my way of categorizing a personality.


Of all those things you listed above, emotionally stable is the hardest to find. You can pick any 2 when it comes to women: Smart, Sane, or attractive


well said

confession: I got a bit too slammed one night and hooked up with an AFer

Dude, seriously? We made a f*cking pact man… not cool, brah.

^ lol my bad … brah hahaha

I think you guys got the wrong idea here, which is probably my fault.

These are sorority type girls that I slept with in College and never had a serious thing with - I am not friends on FB with any chick that broke my heart - would you be? The girls I’m talking about I haven’t even seen since I graduated. That’s why I’m facebook friends with them. I haven’t friended anyone on FB in years pretty much since I left college.

Not sad and not hating on their love. Quite legitimately happy for them - everyone needs somebody. Part of me just finds it quite amusing that these girls, who were in all honesty slutty, are now married and having kids living “monogonous” relationships.

I’ll give you one example. One chick I banged was well known for letting guys snort cocaine out of her butt. Now, she’s on facebook in her wedding dress next to her husband. I wonder if he is aware that he is married to a chick that everyone called, “Coke Butt?”

One more thing, I called this an Augustinian Confession for a reason - (For all your quant jocks that have never read a book in your life

I know it’s base and low to feel the bizarre sense of pride and glee about this that I do, hence the first line of my post. I bet most of you have too at some point in your life. Forgive me our Father for our sins.

I think you may be interpreting this whole thing wrong. I’m not a fan of the whole ‘big wedding - white dress - let’s pretend we’ve only given ourselves to each other’

But how do you know that behind the pictures (which are mostly for show to family/friends) that they arn’t doing the dirty behind the scenes? You don’t know that. They could be going at it wilder then you ever have and having it 3x a day. Again, you wouldn’t know that.

Maybe she gives the best jobs, and he partly married her for that because he’ll get it everyday. If a girl wants to slut it up, that’s fine, but don’t spend tubs of money on the fake pure-and-innocent ceremony.

haha…Saint Iteracom

I know another that has gone all borne again christian after having been a huge Kappa slut. She was nuts. Wore nothing but a cowgirl hat one time and started making “giddy up” sounds. I was worried she’d try and brand me with a cattle prod.

Then she graduated and found God. I had to hide her posts because I got so sick of her bragging about Jesus everyday. I got nothing against Jesus. I mean, really, Jesus knows he’s the Son of God. Does he really need your praise on Facebook? Last time I ever bang a chick from the midwest.

This thread is full of f**g* and lames…Most real dudes I know have that moment of *satisfaction* and be like yeah " I wore that shit out"… I hope I never get to work with you b*****

especially intercom …wat a chump!


If this is true, that’s F’ed up lol

People try all sorts of things to hide the past and pretend they are something else. Reminds me of this:

Ok, I get your point, CT. Fair enough. I do always wonder sometimes when I see really boring people in their 30’s if they were crazy like that when they were younger. It’d be impossible to tell. Personally, I like to think they were, I like the crazy people better.

You are back again? weren’t you the guy that was asking everyone how to get away with stealing from your employer? how did that go? Did you end up quitting your job like you planned so you could steal the $2,000 ?