Augustinian Confession Thread (no nice guys)

oh man

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Wait so you are suggesting that the guys marrying these ex-sluts are naive fools who didn’t poke their dick into anything that moved?

Regardless, its a damned if you do and damned if you don’t situation. If they continue being sluts we will still talk about how they will never learn and grow up, and if they try to change and lead a better life, we will still talk about how they were sluts in the past.

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Hey, don’t kid yourself, I love sluts. I’m not disparing them at all. I just don’t want to be married to one. Explaining this simultaneous love and disdain for sluts is pretty much at the core of the human relationship experience. Women know this. This is why they love to reinvent themselves as a virgin on their wedding day. Look at everybody’s favorite Kim K. Now shes already divorced and banging Kanye. Once a slut, always a slut.

I’ve thought about why I must feel this glee seeing these women married off to other guys. I tend to think there is a biological explanation for just about everything we feel. In any case, the best thing that you can do as a male primate biologically speaking is to get to a chick first, knock her up, and then dupe another guy into raising your kid. Apparently this happens a lot even today. This is the reason why guys like sluts but don’t want to marry one.

So deep in my mind somewhere I see these wedding photos and feel genuine happiness for them on a rational modern liberal thinker level, but even more so for myself on a base primative caveman level.

I like these confessions. Anyone else got one?

It is a little unsettling, but grandmas are probably the best women in bed - they already did everything as young girls and then a bunch of other stuff throughout the years. As women get older, they seem to get better at looking serious, but in the bedroom there’s not really a reason for them to somehow get more innocent.

the ones with no teeth???

Grandmom, that is one search I’ve never done on


Could we please not use the words ‘grandmother’ and ‘bed’ in the same sentence please?

There’s more truth here than you know. Guys like sexy time, no secret there. In the past, women were far less likely to give it up resulting in earlier marriages to unlock the goods. Once the fruits have been tasted, that initial rush fades (again human nature), and other things that may have been overlooked start to matter more. Hence divorce rates are so high.

If women today want to give up the goods for free and early on, that’s a choice that will frankly make a lot of guys really happy. Guys don’t have to lock it in anymore to get lots of it. But this creates the problem of: well if I can get as much as I can until I’m satisfied, then I’ll just delay marriage until I got my fill. The incentives to lock it in decline, and only start to rise again with age or if you meet someone beyond incredible. But searching for the “perfect partner” is a gamble of long odds.

If something is easily acquired, it becomes far less valuable. So, the new value proposition that can be offered by women now is: I am experienced and know what is good, and I’m a great lifelong partner to be with. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it doesn’t change the fact that men have great incentive to delay marriage.

There is wisdom here on both counts: it is *indeed* unsettling, but they know quite well what they are doing.

Exactly…why buy a car when you can be a professional test-driver?

On the other hand, being 60-70 years old or so, grandmas might not be able to perform the physical acts that they could when they were younger. There is also, you know… the horror.

Maybe if she has no teeth left, that will make a different “experience”, if you know what I am talking about.

Your grandmother sleeps on a bed.



also, i have a hard time believing women try and learn all sorts of new things after the age of 40ish… if you’ve been with one person for over a decade… it’s safe to say you’ve tried just about all you’re gonna try

^ this is false.

Sounds like we have a gerontophile amongst us!!!

haha anyone catch Louis CK with Joan rivers on his show Louis — he always tries to bang everyone

what’s the biggest age gap for you and an older chick? me : +18 years