Australian Hurdler Michelle Jenneke

Australian 100M hurdler Michelle Jenneke (19) does pretty awesome dance during warmups before race. Not sure if NSFW, is clean, but also weird watching girl dance at work. HCB?


I like Rebecca Jackson, who reviews cars on YouTube. I like how she says “enn-gine”. She also drives a race car.

Rebecca, meh. Pretty tv personalities are a dime a dozen.

Michelle has that who knows what that makes me want to propose. Plus, she annhilated the field then went right back to smiling like the race never happened.

Guess, you have a running / runner fetish, no? :slight_smile:

True. More of a hot female athlete fettish. They’re in shape, good at things besides shopping, low maintenance, understand hard work, what it is to lose, guy stuff, stay in shape, fun, etc.

Now that I think of it, I’ve never dated a girl who wasn’t an athlete. Although it’s also important they still have some feminity. Not into the ripped bicep type.

How about Lingerie Football girls then?

No, not HCB. Her face looks like a normal girl.

I thought only ChickenTikka was into 19-year-olds.

I’m confused, who would not be into 19 year olds?!?

Plantir, I may need to move where you live. Because I strongly disagree. I need picture proof of the girls you’re dating.

kinda manly if you ask me…but i am accustom to looking at Kim K…

This Louisa Necib is an HCB. Oh and she can really play…classy possession oriented soccer.

Louisa NECIB


Jenneke = attractive

Necib = meh


Australian Runner Michelle Jenneke's Pre-Race Ritual Is Viral Smash

She looks like Roger Federer.

She looks good in a bikini from 100 meters.

I do like the dance.

i like her

Yes, really.