Australian Hurdler Michelle Jenneke

Michelle looks like a normal girl. Neither bad nor HCB.

Yeah, but unlike Michelle, Louisa has a total of 1 convincingly attractive photo.

And in her bad photos (from when she was not 19), at least Michelle doesn’t look like a truckdriver.

Looks like it was effective.

Damn, I love athletic women!

looks pretty good for someone with no make up who just won a race.

This site should have a like button on posts.

Fair enough. My vote was based on seeing this picture


That’s a man, man. The other chic looks like a fun girl. i’ll take a fun girl over a boring supermodel any day. Models are horrible in the bed in my experience.

^ What I was thinking.

You should probably switch to the models that require glue, as the snap together models are not nearly as well made. You might want to try sanding some of the sharper edges too.

me gusta

I bet they both look delicious from behind, which is the angle I care about :wink:

I’m bchad and I approve of this video. :slight_smile:

yeah that video was awesome — i’m super superficial, but that chick makes up for it

i like Anna Kornikova…lovely HCB…

she is my favorite

looking forward to the playboy spread in around 5 years

Lol. Amen.

Black Swan’s girl made SI Swimsuit!

Here’s the link to her section. Seems like a nice girl, and she’s faster than any of us.

Thanks Frisian! I just looked through them at work, zero f*cks given. Lol, the first couple were just okay, but the later ones were pretty good. Marriage material by the end when she hit her stride (pun intended).