Australian Hurdler Michelle Jenneke

The Chive made a pretty good video on her. It’s SFW but I’m too busy to dig it up at the moment.

If we could use gifs for our avatars I’d use her pre-race routine. Classy.

^ Saw that this morning and the name seemed familiar, but couldn’t quite place her. I was a bit disappointed that she didn’t show off her best asset, only one semi-decent view and it’s from the side.

Someone posted the chive video up her awhile back as a Xmas present to me. It was very thoughtful!

yea I’m a pretty thoughtful dude. i bring joy wherever I go.

I like the way this trend is headed:


Pretty soon, female athletic events will be watchable.

LOL, wtf?


Bump the Jenneke thread.

I haven’t watched these Olympics, does she still have it?

I think her abs have improved. Also now a hot 23 year old. brb gonna go scroll through her instagram.

Side note, Instagram is awesome.

She does have an odd body from some angles. Still hot though.

She’s got that girl next door that you grew up play fighting with and blossomed into a hot chick look to her.

^ in other words. Would definitely smash.


cold shower for you…

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

^SFW or no?

that’s some serious bean flicking material.