Awful Exam Day Experience

I will start.

I was doing my level I test in December. I was studying like crazy in the study area in my apartment complex and I think I got a flu from someone there. Anyways worse experience ever.

Couldn’t fall asleep until 6 am and I had to wake up at 7:30 to get ready to go to the exam. I felt like a total zombie. I just chugged down 2 coffee and then headed out.

During the morning exam I was feeling decent. I finish the exam in 1:30 and I counted that I wasn’t sure on 18 questions, so I was pretty sure I would get 85% for the morning part. After the morning exam they told everyone, you HAVE to use PB 2 Pencil… No mechanical pencil, if you used one we have to write it down in our report. I was like so pist off since no where on the website did it say no mechanical pencil.

So I was having lunch feeling like crap, since I might get marks deducted and also coffee was wearing off. I went back in for the afternoon exam and asked a neighbour to borrow her pencil. Right before we start the exam they told us, forget what we just said, mechancial pencils are fine… That was one of the most unprofessional things I have ever seen.

Anyways brain dying, I wasn’t even thinking during the afternoon exam. I was just reading the word and just putting in answer. Pretty much just circle whatever came to my mind first. Took me like 10 mins to solve a question with calculation. The good thing was, since I was on *automatic* I still finished within 2 hours, but this time I think I only got like 60%. I was feeling really upset afterwards, since I was like even if I pass, it’s going to be pretty close.

Well I passed the exam, so I don’t have much to complain, but this is one of mine all time worse exam experiences.

So everyone even if you aren’t at your peak form during exam period, don’t worry too much and just do your exam. Focus focus focus. Just try your best and everything will turn out for the best.


…but listen to mine!

last June i was driving to the DC test center from NOVA. There was some sort of race or parade or something, so i got lost and kept getting redirected to closed roads.

Completely lost at 9am, I parked at a random harris teeter and caught a cab. Got within half a mile and stuck in traffic, so i sprinted over. Arrived at 9:15ish and fortunately they let me in.

Also i was really out of it and forgot where i parked… managed to pass tho

Some Texas guy on AF said there was a gun convention next to his exam location.

You guys need to dig up “the sink story”

The original story could be true, but the second story about the guy wandering in mistakenly to rinse out something in his eyes is totally FAKE.

FIrst story is still hilarious though

I got 0 sleep the night before my exam. The rush and excitement of finally taking the test after countless hours of studying overwhelmed me. I was just laying there turning back and forth. Next morning I seriously debated whether it was even worth going. My buddy managed to convince me to go.

Once I got to the testing center I felt fine. But around 10AM i started to crash. Managed to finish the morning session. Then I slepted in my friend’s car during lunch break to catch some zzz’s. Went into the afternoon session feeling like a zombie. Probably one of the worst experiences of my life. Next time I’m definitely taking sleeping meds.

Sink story is legendary.

I highly suggest getting some benydryl or some sort of sleep pill for the night before the exam.

years ago in atlanta, earth wind and fire were rehearsing in the same building as the CFA exam, pretty loud in the exam rood

Didn’t a test center lose power for a few hours a couple of years ago? Thinking it was in Sao Paulo, but could be wrong.

Here’s the sink story for those who aren’t familiar:

One Drunken Saturday night in April, I had a one night stand with a chick… Few days later she sent messages about meeting up again… I ignored them!! and kept ignoring her msg’s… Then on the night of my level 2 exam I get woken up on the 4th missed call of my phone ringing at 3:00am… It’s HER!!.. I assume she’s drunk dialling!! So I dont pick up!!.. 7th miss call later the phone stops ringing, by which time I’m fkn pissed off and cussing out loud in bed… As I’m lying in bed I start thinking and then start counting back the months, Did I get her preggars? What the F she want? Whhhhhy is she calling me now!!!.. I never fell back asleep. I arrived at the exam hall after doors closed, forced to sign in when everyone had already started… Throughout the whole exam I had anger in me and couldn’t concentrate… Band 10 FAIL!!

She owes me 2 years of my life back and 1800 USD for exam registration and book fees…

After the exam, I get a message from her, saying “I’m sorry everyone, my phone seemed to auto dial some people last night!!” I ignored it again… lol

The Montreal test center lost power in December 2006. It happened 1 hour into the morning session.

Power couild not be restored 90 minutes later, so we were told to come back the next day (Sunday) or redo the exam free of charge the following June.

We continued the morning session the next day even though we saw the exam questions for a whole hour the previous day.

^ damn…I bet the pass rate was higher for your location… You guys only got 2 hours for the remaining morning right?

yes, we got only 2 hours for the morning session.

I remember we had a lively debate here on AF whether the Institute should have cancelled the December exam in our location. JDV was in favor of it stating that losing 6 months is nothing in one’s life. I argued against it. I studied for close to 300 hours. We should not get penalized for a power failure. If the Institute did that, I would have abandoned the program.

waiting 6 months would suck, and I would be ultra pissed myself if CFAI cancelled the scores. But let’s all be honest, there probaby was some cheating that happened, from reviewing topics they covered in that one hour, or chatting with friends later that night…

Didn’t something similar happen in Africa? I think the CFA lost the exam papers, and candidate had to wait until the next exam date to retake for free.

I would have felt a bit robbed having passed that exam but not knowing if I’d actually been able to pass had the power not gone out. At this stage in my L1 studies I want to earn that pass.

That happened in Ghana in Dec 2010 I think. They didn’t have to wait to June though. CFAI gave them the option to rewrite the exam in Feb. I don’t know how that exam went.

Yea I remember those lost exam papers, it was Ghana. Maybe it was some disgruntled candidate that staged a robbery smiley

After coming out of L1 my car would not start. I thank the good lord my car decided to not start that afternoon and not the morning of. Otherwise I would have had a 2 mile sprint to the test center with my #2 pencils and financial calculator.

Lesson: Make sure you have a back up driver.

I realized it’s best to pack a lunch. Don’t wait in a ridiculous line for food (and usually get crappy food), or have no food at all (NY westchester location *ahem*)…

have your food ready and packed, find a corner, eat and relax, or study whatever. Don’t have to waste time thinking about and finding food

Excellent advice. I always packed a lunch and left it in my car, which was parked in a garage across the street from the test center. I was able to sit in a nice comfy seat eating and reviewing. I also didn’t want to hear other people discussing the morning questions, so the solitude of my car was nice.